5 popular Pokémon

Pokémon has been delighting millions of players around the world for 24 years. The first game, released in 1996, was followed by an anime series, a trading card game, 21 movies and a whole range of merchandising products. Today Pokémon is undisputedly one of the most successful ranks in the game industry. Are you an avid fan too? In the following we would like to introduce you to 5 particularly popular Pokémon!


Schiggy / Squirtle

Squirtle is not only one of the most popular Pokémon, but also one of the most famous. After all, it has existed since the first generation of games and, in addition to Charmander and Bulbasaur, can be selected as starter Pokémon in many games, such as Fire Red or Leaf Green. In the popular anime, trainer Ash also has a squirtle.

Squirtle Pokemon

Squirtle is a small, two-legged Water-type Pokémon that looks a lot like a turtle. If enemies approach or if Squirtle want to sleep, they can hide in their orange colored shell. Squirtle are also excellent swimmers. 

Thanks to the ability to shoot water out of their mouths, Squirtle often use attacks such as bubbling, aqua gun or hydropump in combat. As soon as they reach level 16 in the game, they can develop into Schillok. From level 36 they can develop to their last development level Turtok.


Squirtle themselves only appear in Kanto and Kalos. Here they can be found in both fresh and salt water. But it takes a good deal of luck to meet a Schiggy in the wild.



Night Macaw Umbreon

Night macaw is one of the 8 possible forms of development of the basic Pokémon Eevee. Night macaws are of the dark type and have existed since the 2nd generation of games.

Umbreon night macaw

The medium-sized Pokémon walk on four legs and have a thick, black fur, which is only interrupted by a few yellow markings on the legs, ears, forehead and tail. As soon as night falls, the yellow markings begin to glow brightly in the moonlight. Night macaws can frighten other Pokémon or people in their immediate vicinity. The markings also light up brightly in the event of an attack.

Night macaws also have the ability to secrete toxic sweat from their pores when they feel threatened. Through their Synchro ability, they can cause a primary status change on their opponents. This change in status results in poisoning, burning or paralysis.

Umbreon night macaw

Night macaws are quite rare to find in the wild. The nocturnal Pokémon prefer urban areas. In addition, they are often under human supervision.


Enton Psyduck

Enton are best known from the anime. In the series, Misty owns an enton, which Brock gave her. He in turn received it from Sister Joy. Enton has existed since the first generation of games.

Psyduck Enton

The Water-type Pokémon is relatively small with dark yellow skin and a rather rounded body. Its appearance is very reminiscent of that of a duck. It is particularly common in the shallow waters of rivers. It mainly occurs in fresh water. It can also be found in a particularly large number of regions.

Enton suffer from chronic headaches. Because of this, they are often seen holding their heads with their hands. But the headache can also release unexpected psychokinetic powers. However, Enton cannot remember the events if they use their powers. Therefore, they usually have a confused facial expression after using their psychokinetic powers.

Enton Psyduck

After using its powers, Enton's headache will subside for a short time. This is likely due to the fact that Enton is going into some sort of deep sleep phase. Precisely for this reason, it probably cannot remember the previous events.




Raichu is also undisputedly one of the best-known and most popular Pokémon. It is the last development stage of Pichu and Pikachu and has existed since the first generation of games.

The Electric-type Pokémon has a medium-sized body with a long tail and pointed ears. Its appearance is very reminiscent of that of a jerboa. Raichu usually move on two legs.


The Elekto-Pokémon are best known for their thunderbolt attacks. In doing so, Raichu discharge all the electricity that they have stored in their body. However, after their development, Raichu can no longer learn new attacks on their own. Therefore, experienced trainers usually wait until they develop their Pikachu. Otherwise Raichu might have to make do with quite limited attacks.  

But Raichu don't just use electro-type attacks when it comes to a fight. The nimble Pokémon are also known for their physical attacks. With their long tail, they can use slam or iron tail to incapacitate other Pokémon in no time at all.

Raichu can deliver electrical surges of up to 100.000 volts. They mainly store the electricity in their cheek pouches. Often you can see her cheeks twitch. The long tail is used to ground the Pokémon and protect it from electric shocks. For this reason, places of scorched grass are always seen near a wild raichus' nest.


Raichu usually have a fur with orange, brown, yellow, black and white markings. But in the Aloa region you can find a special form of Pokémon. An Aloa Raichu is slightly darker in color, has a rounded tail and rounder ears. The special thing about the Aloa-Raichu is that it is not only of the electro type, but also has psychokinetic powers.




Who doesn't know Mewtwo? After all, it's one of the legendary Pokémon that has existed since the 1st generation. Mewtwo is a genetically modified clone of Mew that was grown in a test tube. The legendary Psycho-type Pokémon is the result of years of unscrupulous genetic experimentation. 

Mewtwo Mewtwo

Mewtwo's story differs in the games and in the anime. In the anime, researchers found an old stone slab with Mew genes incorporated into it. The scientists took the plate to their research facility on Vermilion Island. There they carried out numerous experiments with the aim of creating the most powerful Pokémon in the world. So they finally succeeded in raising Mewtwo in a test tube. In a subsequent fit of anger, however, Mewtwo destroyed the entire laboratory and killed the scientists. 

Mewtwo toys

In the game, however, Mewtwo is born by Mew. After his subsequent tantrum, it flees to the Azuria Cave, where it can be encountered by the player. Since the 6th generation of the game, Mewtwo can also carry out a mega-development into mega-Mewtwo.