5 lovable Pokémon cuddly toys

For many years, Pokémon have not only enchanted children's hearts. The little creatures, who hardly speak and live in the wild with their trainers, offer children a lot of space for play and imagination. Become a trainer now and dive with yours Pokémon cuddly toy into the wonderful Pokémon universe.

5 lovable Pokemon cuddly toys 

Pokémon fans of all ages can enjoy the little creatures and always have them with them. Here we introduce you to the 5 popular Pokémon cuddly toys.

  1. Pikachu - the mascot in the anime

Is small and shy Pikachu, the mascot in the anime, in yellow with loaded red cheeks and his short fingers, a real cuddle friend. The Pokémon with the electric type prefer to be in the woods and give off their electricity in the form of lightning bolts.

Cute pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most famous Pokémon and not only has great skills, but is also ideal as a cuddly toy. Small and cute, with different accessories, depending on the appearance, he can also become your mascot.


  1. Evoli - rare and especially cute

Has existed since the first generation of games Evoli, a Pokémon of the Normal type. The four-legged creature in brown with a bushy tail and fur collar can enchant especially female fans with its large eyes.

Eevee Eevee

Eevee is rarely found in the wild and is often given as a gift. Not only because Eevee is particularly cute, but also its rarity make the Pokémon one of the most popular Pokémon cuddly toys.


  1. Charizard - the flying Pokémon

Fly with us Charizard through the wilderness and benefit from the special attack powers of the Pokémon with type fire and flight. The powerful creature with two legs and a strong, dragon-like body has sharp teeth and magnificent wings and is able to go through mega developments.

Mega Charizard

Charizard also shows his strength as a Pokémon cuddly toy and is not only an important character in the anime, but also in the children's room. Experience indescribable powers with Charizard.


  1. Charmander - small but burning strong

With the small, two-legged reptile-like Pokémon Charmander it gets particularly hot. With only four small canines and a large head, the Fire-Type Pokémon has a particularly cute appearance. Above all, however, the glowing tail, which shows the mood, is important.


Glumanda's specialty is hot areas and can launch fiery attacks with the mouth or tail. Even as a Pokémon cuddly toy, it never gets cold with Charmander, and yet you can cuddle properly with the cute cuddly toy.


  1. gengar - the chaotic and poisonous Pokémon

Dark purple and consisting of a head with short extremities and a tail gengar to the type of spirit and poison. The mischievous grin on his face shows his character. Gengar loves the night and is utterly chaotic.


The special appearance and its unique abilities make the Pokémon cuddly toy especially interesting for cheeky trainers.

The most popular Pokémon cuddly toys for each of us


There are more than 700 Pokémon in the Pokémon universe right now, but these 5 that we just introduced are the most popular. Not only enjoy great companions, but also benefit from the special skills that each individual Pokémon cuddly toy brings with it.