Collect great bonuses with Alolan Gems on Pokémon Go Community Day

In 11 cities in Germany, on Pokémon Go Community Day, Alola Small stone great bonuses are collected. In 11 cities in Germany you can Saturday, May 21.05.2022th particularly happy.

Not only in Germany, but all over the world there will be meet-ups again. Niantic has also confirmed special bonuses. You already know that from Pokémon Go Community Day, where Velursi was the focus. First of all, special Pokéstops are upgraded with virtual bonuses. Personal meet-ups also take place, of course.

Meetups at Pokémon Go Community Day

What is special about the Meetups? Very easily: Trainer can meet and exchange Pokémon, for example. Planning a raid and teaming up for this event is another great opportunity these meetups give you. A great chance to play Pokémon Go together, meet other trainers and have loads of fun.

Pokémon Go Community Day Meetups in Germany

That sounds very exciting and you would like to know where these meetups take place? No problem, we have compiled all the important data for you. You can also find the improved Pokéstops in our overview.



Improved Pokéstops with bonus


Spandau arcades

Spektepark, stick wood garden


Minster Square

Bonn center, Friedrichstrasse 35


Westfalenpark at the entrance to the flower gardens

Westfalenpark, An der Buschmühle 3


Dusseldorf arcades



Osterstraße 18, place of the world exhibition



overseas boulevard

City Center, Adolphsplatz 1


Castle Square

Hofe am Bruhl, shopping mall


Westfield Centro



Passing arcades



Parisian Square

Upper Castle Garden





Learn more about Pokémon Community Day in May 2022

As you are used to, the Community Day will take place without tickets. Everyone can just be there. There will also be no registration. Just go out and have fun playing. During the event period, that is between 11: 00 clock and 14: 00 clock the meetups will also take place at your local time. Regardless of the Meetups, you can get the special bonuses of the event day.

Of course, you will meet Alola Kleinstein more often, and hopefully you will also meet him in the Shiny Version. The further development during the event period and up to two hours afterwards to Alola Georock and then to Alola Geowaz brings you numerous advantages. The instant attack called "waltz" is learned. In addition, you get three times as much stardust and the double catch bonus is represented again. The three-hour duration of the smoke and the lure modules are also special features of this event. You also get double the chance of XL Kleinstein candies.

Those who take snapshots at the event may be surprised. Also don't miss the Community Day box and the free box in the shop with great content. Incidentally, swapping during the event only costs half as usual. An additional special exchange is also available as usual during the event and up to 2 hours after the event ends. You should also not miss the special research called: "A Rocky Road". If you activate a lure module near Pokéstops and catch enough Pokémon, the amount of stardust increases again. For the next half hour, you'll get four times as much Stardust instead of three times as much.

We wish you a great Pokémon Go Community Day.