A special series of developments – from Hopplo to Kickerlo to Liberlo

The development stages of different Pokémon, especially when new games come out, are always a very exciting topic that is the subject of much speculation. Usually in the new Pokémon Games you can choose one of several starter Pokémon, with which you then embark on the journey. Most of the time, as a player, you don't know what development stages the selected Pokémon will have at this point.


Oops is next to Chimpep and memmeon one of the starter Pokémon Pokémon sword and shield. In the meantime, of course, its stages of development are known, and an interesting series of developments has resulted.


Oops / Scorbunny

Hopplo exists since the eighth generation and is a so-called Fire Pokémon. The predominantly white Pokémon that looks like a slender bunny is the cover Pokémon of Pokémon Wave Hello. The long, orange and red colored ears covered with dense, shaggy fur and the cute, white, round tail give it a rabbit-like look, among other things. The powerful hind legs do the rest. The cute face and said paws also have red and yellow spots.

Oops Scorbunny

Hopplo is very energetic and quick. It has a sac of flame in its chest that charges as it runs, then erupts fire through its nose and paws. This helps the Pokemon in battle, as does its speed. Like all Fire-type Pokémon, Hopplo also has the Blaze Ability, which is especially useful during long fights when energy is draining.

Incidentally, the special ability of the entire Hopplo development series is Libero, which enables the Pokémon to assume the type of the attacking Pokémon during an attack. Hopplo is the first Pokémon in the evolution series, and it evolves from level 16 onwards.

Kickerlo / Raboot

In the anime, Kickerlo plays a very important role as Goh's Pokémon. kickerlo Like its precursor Hopplo, it is reminiscent of a rabbit. It's a rather small Pokémon that's completely covered in thick fur. Unlike Hopplo, Kickerlos' ears droop, and are gray, as are his head and front paws. Its lower body is dark grey, the fur on the hind legs and arms is red, as is the fur on the neck, which covers the mouth and nose. The eyebrows are yellow, and the eyes themselves are red.

Like Hopplo, Kickerlo can increase the temperature in his paws and eyebrow by running fast. At this stage of development, it can deliver fiery headbutts and kicks. In addition, it constantly works on its pedaling power and dexterity. Kickerlo evolves into Liberlo at level 35. Galar is one of the famous trainers who own this Pokemon.

Liberlo / Cinderace

Liberlo is the third and last stage of development of Hopplo, and since "The Isle of Armor" it can perform a gigadynamax. Not only the size and the attacks, but also the shape of the Pokémon are optimized again. Liberlo is a large Pokémon that is only vaguely reminiscent of a rabbit and has more of a human build. The Pokémon is mostly white, with blue elements on the shins and shoulders, and red fur on the legs. Likewise, Liberlo's forehead is red, his eyebrows yellow and are reminiscent of royal headgear.

Liberlo is tall and strong. The Pokémon trained extensively for the latter ability. It is able to distribute powerful kicks from any position due to its good sense of balance. It can also shoot fireballs. To do this, it collects its fire energy in stones and skillfully shoots them around.

The gigadynamax Stage develops under the feet of Liberlo a giant fireball on which it balances. In addition, his ears lengthen enormously. It can emit energy to the fireball, allowing it to become independent and pursue opponents.

Overall, this evolutionary line is the Fire Pokémon Oops a very popular one that people like to choose.