Everything about Lycanroc: forms, evolutions and more

Pokémon fans know that Lycanroc is one of the most fascinating Pokémon of the seventh generation. It is popular not only for its unique design, but also for its various forms that vary depending on the time of day and evolution conditions. In this post, you will learn everything about Lycanroc and its forms and evolutions.

Origin and development

Lycanroc is a Rock-type Pokémon and the evolution of Wuffels. Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc when it meets certain conditions that depend on the time of day. Rockruff is a cute, dog-like Pokémon that evolves into the powerful and majestic Lycanroc.

Lycanroc is the final stage of a two-stage evolutionary chain and evolves from Rockruff. It transforms from a small dog into a fully grown, wolf-like Pokémon. Under the influence of the energy of Solgaleo Lycanroc takes on the day form, while the power of moonla it transforms into the night form. Rare specimens can take on the mysterious twilight form by bathing in the evening sun.


The three forms of Wolwerock

Lycanroc has three different forms that differ in appearance, abilities and stats. These forms are the day form, the night form and the twilight form.

Dayform Wolwerock

  • Appearance: The day form of Lycanroc is slender and has an elegant, wolf-like appearance. It has cream-colored fur with red eyes and a white mane.
  • Development: Ruffy evolves into Day Form Lycanroc when it is leveled up to level 5 during the day (between 00:18 a.m. and 59:25 p.m. in games).
  • Skills: This form often has the ability "Concentrator", which prevents Lycanroc from flinching. In rare cases, it may also have the hidden ability "Pacemaker".

Night form Wolwerock

  • Appearance: The night form of Lycanroc is stronger and more muscular than the day form. It has dark grey fur, red eyes and a spiky mane.
  • Development: Ruffy evolves into Night Forme Lycanroc when it is leveled up to level 20 at night (between 00:3 p.m. and 59:25 a.m. in games).
  • Skills: This form often has the ability "Fighting Spirit", which prevents it from falling asleep. In rare cases, it can also have the hidden ability "Pacemaker".

Twilight form Wolwerock

  • Appearance: Lycanroc's twilight form is a mix of day and night forms. It has orange fur, green eyes, and a pointed mane.
  • Development: This special form can only be achieved when a Wuffels with the hidden ability "Pacemaker" is brought to level 17 between 00:17 p.m. and 59:25 p.m.
  • Skills: The Twilight Form always has the Pacemaker ability, which prevents its initiative from being lowered.

Differences and similarities

Although all three forms of Lycanroc have the same basic type of rock, they differ in their stats and attacks. For example, the day form has higher speed values, while the night form relies more on attack. The twilight form offers a balanced mix of both.

combat strategies

Lycanroc is useful in various combat scenarios depending on the form you choose. The day form can act as a fast attacker, while the night form can serve as a strong physical attacker. The twilight form offers versatility and can be useful in various situations.

Night form


Lycanroc is a remarkable Pokémon that stands out for its various forms and evolutions. Whether you prefer the Day Form, Night Form, or Twilight Form, each offers unique advantages and abilities that make it effective in battle. If you're a fan of versatile and powerful Pokémon, Lycanroc is definitely a great addition to your team.

Grab a Wuffels and experience the evolution into one of the most fascinating Pokémon of the seventh generation