Everything for the perfect Pokémon birthday party

An Pokémon Birthday Party is the dream of many children. With the right decorations and a few creative ideas, you can create an unforgettable party. Here are some tips and ideas to make your child's special day a real highlight:


From the Cake decoration to gift bags, balloons, mugs and plates in the Pikachu look – the right decoration is the be-all and end-all. Choose colors that match your child's favorite Pokémon and make sure that all decorative elements are uniform.

Cakes and sweets

A Pokémon cake is an absolute must. Whether Pikachu, Charizard or Eevee – let your creativity run wild or order a custom-designed cake. Complete the sweet table with cupcakes, cookies and candies in matching colors and shapes.

Activities and games

Plan games and activities around the Pokémon theme. A scavenger hunt where the children Pokemon cards or small Characters collect is a lot of fun. A Pokémon quiz or a craft competition where the children make their own Poké Balls are other great ideas.

gift bags

Prepare a gift bag for each little guest, filled with Pokémon stickers, mini-figures and sweets. These little gifts make the party an unforgettable experience.

Pikachu cake decoration

Capture memories

Don’t forget to take lots of photos! Photo booth with Pokémon accessories like bracelets, herding, Glasses and Masks makes for funny and memorable snapshots.

With these tips, your child's Pokémon birthday party is guaranteed to be a complete success. Have fun planning and celebrating