Sylveon in Pokemon Unite

On October 6th, the 25th Pokémon finally appeared in Pokemon Unite. This is no other monster than Felinara.

The fairy Pokémon is a further development of Evoli and appears in the game as an attacker and ranged fighter.

Sylveon in Pokemon Unite 


Feelinaras passive ability

The elegant Pokémon has the passive ability Fairy Layer. As soon as it deals damage to an enemy or takes damage itself, both Feelinara’s Special Attack and Special Defense are increased for a short period of time. 

But in addition to this useful ability, the Pokémon naturally has other attacks. You will now find out what these are!


These attacks can Felinara learn

The new Pokémon in Pokemon Unite comes with the start attack Sternschauer. As soon as the monster reaches level 4, you can choose between 2 attacks to replace star showers.

You can choose between magic flame and sound wave. Magic Flame deals damage to Feelinara’s opponent and reduces their special attack at the same time. Sound wave, on the other hand, enables Feelinara to continue running even during an attack. 

The 2nd starting attack of the new Pokémon in Unite is googly eyes. From level 6 you can also choose from two attacks to replace googly eyes.

Now you can choose between thief kiss and thoughts. Thief's Kiss allows Feelinara to regenerate his power points or to inflict damage on his opponent, depending on who is hit by the kiss.

The Mindset attack, on the other hand, increases Feelinara’s special attack and special defense.


Feelinara / Sylveon 


Feelinara Unite Attack: Fairy Harmony 

In addition to these attacks, Feelinara also masters his Unite attack Feenharmonie. This attack makes it invulnerable for a short period of time. At the same time, Feelinara can damage his opponent and regenerate his own HP.


Add a strong attacker to your team

If you are looking for another strong attacker to complement your team, Feelinara is the perfect choice for you! Become even more successful in Pokémon Unite!


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