Get the Pokémon Balls with your favorite Pokémon now!

Almost every child and adult knows the universe of Pokemon and associates it with adventurous and carefree moments of childhood. You came home from school, had done your homework and then you were immersed in a unique world full of adventure and new experiences.

Unfortunately, these moments are much neglected in today's world of smartphones and social media. To bring this unique world of new experiences and unknown adventures closer to our future, ours are Pokémon balls with throw & pop Function the perfect companion.


Pokemon ball toy


Lively gaming experience

With the Pokémon balls can re-enact the little game scenes from the series or the films and be there up close. Everyone can choose their very own favorite Pokémon and let them compete against each other. They provide hours of fun and activity on trips and excursions.


Throw & Pop function

You can do that in Pokemon Ball Send contained Pokémon into battle with the push of a button or by throwing them on any hard surface! When the fight is won, the Pokémon can be put back into the ball and the sides folded. So your Pokémon can rest and prepare for the next fight.


Throw and play pokeball


Get the complete Pokemon Ball collection

You can choose your very own favorite Pokémon from our collection. For a better and bigger gaming experience, you can gradually expand your collection and let whole teams fight against each other. Create the ultimate and strongest Pokémon team and fight your opponents!


Pokeball with figures


Less risk poke ball Fun

The game balls are made of non-toxic premium ABS plastic, have smooth edges and are the perfect size for small hands. To prevent the individual parts from being swallowed, we recommend the product for children from 6 years of age. With this toy you can get your child away from the cell phone or similar electronic devices and protect them from the negative influence of the media at a young age.


Ash pokeball


The world of Pokemon

The Pokémon balls are a must-have, especially for little Pokemon fans. He seduces the little ones into the beautiful and adventurous world of Pokemon. The cult universe with millions of fans all over the world pulls everyone, young and old, under its spell and never lets go of them. It is the perfect toy for toddlers that will bring them back to fun, new experiences and unfamiliar adventures.