New leaks for Pokémon Crimson and Crimson

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson, we all can't wait. So it's not surprising that fans keep watching the trailers. Some leaks have probably come to light here, which we would like to present to you in more detail in this article.

New Crimson & Crimson leak

What exactly is it about?

Some alleged leaks have already made their way into the news in the past Pokemon Crimson and Crimson snuck However, these were quickly revealed to be fakes. With the current leak, things look a little different and additional image material has also appeared, which may already give us a few insights. The current leak not only shows you new Pokémon that you can look forward to, but also gym leaders. Unfortunately, the image material is blurry and you can't see everything well. However, there are other better quality images that will give you a deeper and clearer view of the gameplay.


Is this really serious?

Nothing is worse than fake news about a long-awaited game. The disappointment is huge every time and the fun of the game is spoiled a bit. Due to the poor quality of this leak, we cannot necessarily assume that it is from a really serious or credible source. Nevertheless, there is a lot to be said for the authenticity of the image material. The visuals really do match the game design stylistically and look really similar to what we've seen so far. Compared to the previously mentioned fake leaks, this current leak stands out positively. In the end, all we can do is wait and hope that this is real material.


What can we see in the imagery?

There are definitely some previously unknown Pokémon to be seen. The picture that you can still see best shows a floating Pokémon. It looks like a flower on which sits a skull with two crossed bones behind it. Something like an evil eye can also be seen in the middle of the flower. Is this a poisonous plant? Another of the Pokémon shown could possibly be a legendary Pokémon. All of this is just speculation, but it's already spreading through the community like wildfire. A another picture shows a rather interesting variant of Girafarig, less blurry but covered by some writing. A head within another head looks a bit like an antique diving helmet. Since there are supposed to be different Pokémon in different regions, this leak could also be real news.

A character with glasses and red or orange hair can also be seen. This picture is not very clear either, but the character can be recognized reasonably well. It is not clear whether this is an opponent or a friend.

Six other characters, who are probably gym leaders, are also difficult to recognize. Three female and three male characters are presented to us here. Is something actually being revealed here or is it another fake? We are excited too.

look at the Leaked on Twitter just have a look and judge for yourself what you think of it.

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