Is Pokémon Crimson & Crimson coming with a big Pokedex expansion?

The rumor mill about an extraordinary addition to the Pokédex is churning. Have you heard it too? The Pokémon Crimson and Pokémon Crimson editions are coming to the Switch. This new release brings with it many exciting innovations. It is said to be one of the largest expansions ever. If the rumors are true, you can look forward to more than 130 new pocket monsters. However, these rumors have not been confirmed with certainty.

The exact number of newly added Pokémon is still in the dark. These expansions of the Pokédex are then part of the ninth generation. This is completely brand new and of course eagerly awaited and coveted. At the end of the year the time has finally come and we too can hardly wait.

Pokémon Crimson and Pokémon Crimson

Leaks and Extensions

After the innovations were announced, it wasn't long before the first rumors and speculations about an alleged leak started to boil up. In particular, claims about the new additions to the Pokédex made the rounds. It is said that we can expect more than 130 new pocket monsters. There were such big expansions at the beginning and last of the third generation and of the fifth generation.

There is no question that new Pokémon will be added, but the exact number has not yet been revealed. But as so often, there should have been a leak. According to a source on YouTube. You can find the video for it here. This source states that it should really be a lot of new Pokémon. It is even assumed that there will be up to 150 new pocket monsters. So, according to the rumours, we can expect an insanely large expansion.


Can these sources be trusted?

With the general rumor mill, it is of course always such a thing. Are claims trustworthy and serious or is it about generating likes, fallowers and attention? Of course, one can never know for sure. Every Pokémon fan and also Nintendo fans have certainly had a lot of experience with rumors in the past. These often come true, but sometimes we are disappointed.

Since you can never give a confirmation with certainty, we are only talking about a rumor and not about a safe or official announcement. So it remains exciting. Until there is an official or officially confirmed statement, you should hold back your anticipation so as not to be disappointed. But of course we can all dream and hope and without rumours, the release would only be half as exciting.

New Pokémon Crimson and Pokémon Crimson for the Switch 

What can we possibly prepare for?

In the purple and crimson versions, there are also rumors that there will once again be new Pokémon forms and regionally different variants. The new open-world region would of course be a perfect template for this. This is apparently based on or inspired by the circumstances of Portugal and Spain or the Iberian Peninsula. The leak also allegedly reveals a lot about a supposedly new system. The in-game job system is meant to be brand new and very interesting, and that's not all. What we can really expect and when exactly the release date will be is still officially in the stars. Only the target date for the end of this year is certain.