Pokemon cuddly toys - the first real friend in life!

The first true friend of almost every child is the Pokemon cuddly toy - regardless of whether it is laughing Pikachu, relax, Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle and sweet eevee or one of the other Pokemon.

Pikachu cuddly toys

Even a long time later, when you've grown up, most people still know the name of their first one Pokemon cuddly toy and reminisce when they think of what they did with their fluffy Pokemon or Pikachu Friend have experienced everything. Although soft toys are primarily thought of as children or their own childhood, they can still be loyal companions, mascots and consolation givers even in adulthood. It has already been proven several times that the touch of a soft toy is also perceived as pleasant and calming by adults, as the so-called cuddle hormone oxytocin is released when cuddling, which creates a feeling of childlike security in us. 

Sweet Eevee cuddly toy

But Pokemon or Pikachu cuddly toys are not just cute comforters, they also play an important role in a child's development. At just under one year old, children develop the need to have a cuddly toy with them; it is a child's first self-chosen relationship. The offspring's favorite stuffed animal is carefully selected and sometimes parents cannot understand why they chose this Pokemon plush toy. Once chosen as a favorite, the stuffed animal will be taken everywhere with you from now on. Especially when falling asleep or when children sleep away for the first time, it is of great help to have a trusted friend with them who gives you security, looks after you and you can cuddle up to. 

It is therefore only understandable that we associate a lot of nostalgic feelings with our sweet companion and thus still retain a piece of our childhood even in adulthood.