Pokémon GO: Dates for Community Days in December, January and February - that's what Pokémon fans can look forward to

The Community Days are the absolute highlight for every Pokémon fan. The dates for the upcoming Pokémon Days have already been set. In the next month the time has come and the hunt for the monsters can begin.

The Community Days for the new Pokémon Go - that's what all enthusiastic Pokémon fans can expect

Pokémon fans can't wait for the upcoming Community Days in December, January and February. The exact date has already been set, so all fans can look forward to it. The Pokémon Go Community Days will take place in December 2022 as well as in January and February of the upcoming year. These are the following dates:

  • December 17th and 18th, 2022: On these two days, all enthusiastic players have the opportunity to capture the Pokémons from the previous Pokémon Go Community Days from last year. These are the Pokémon from the years 2021 and 2022
  • 07 January 2023
  • January 21, 2023: The so-called Community Day Classic takes place on this day. This is the absolute highlight of the Pokémon Go Community Days
  • 05 February 2023

However, fans can already be sure that the numerous changes to Pokémon Go will bring a lot of fun. The Community Days have already had to be canceled several times during the COVID period. Now these should be made up for. The venue will be Liverpool in England, Philadelphia in the USA and St. Louis. Unfortunately, the exact date has not yet been set. However, it should be announced by Niantic in the next few days.


Pokemon Go dates for the next few months

The Community Days are held in the form of a Safari Zone. This is a live event. This means players will be able to catch specific Pokemon on the set dates in the three cities mentioned. The Pokémon that must be captured are very rare monsters. The possibility of the player encountering these monsters outside of the event is very rare. These are, for example, the very different forms of Unown Monsters. However, it can also be the popular regional monsters.

Pokémon Go Community Days - how can the enthusiastic fans participate?

As with every event, a very individual event ticket is also required for the Community Days. The event ticket is the entry ticket for the Community Days. If an absolute Pokémon Go fan does not yet have the coveted event ticket, then it is advisable to take care of an event ticket now. This will be sold out in no time.

Pokemon Go

It's not worth waiting too long. The upcoming Pokémon Go Community Days in December will last approximately three hours. During this time it is important to catch the roaming monsters. The Pokémon Go Community Days last several days. During the first two Community Days, i.e. December 17th and 18th, 2022, players have the opportunity to capture the monsters of the past Community Days. You should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The Pokémon Go Community Days are packed with lots of fun and action. Definitely worth it.