Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson

crimson and purple are two games that belong to the ninth generation and will be released for the Nintendo Switch at the end of 2022. New characters, great open world graphics and of course a whole bunch of new ones Pokémon have players around the world eagerly awaiting its release. Some details are already known, including the possible choice of three starter Pokémon, which we will focus on here.


The ninth generation brings some changes

In Crimson and Crimson, franchisee Game Freak tries to make up for the shortcomings Pokemon Legends: Arceus fix it and create an even better gaming experience. They try to do this with an open world graphic, among other things. In this way, the cities, forests, rivers and paths will merge seamlessly, and without any loading times in between. So the player can explore everything with the protagonist.

The Pokémon can also be found everywhere in the game, not in certain places as usual. There is also a multiplayer mode for the first time, in which you can explore the open world together with friends.

The protagonists can be visually altered by the player, however crimson wears orange tones while crimson wears purple and blue tones. In each game, the protagonist is also assigned a professor. There will also be a trainer named Nemila who will act as a friend and partner.

Many fans are also speculating that the new games will be a lot about fusion. For example, Pokémon could fuse with each other or even with humans, which would make the game a lot more exciting. Unfortunately, nothing is known about this, which is why this is mainly wishful thinking.


There are three Pokemon to choose from

It is clear that it is Pokémon Crimson and Crimson there will be no national Pokédex. However, this was no longer available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so this is not surprising. So while there will be some well-known Pokémon, players can also look forward to a colorful mix of very different, new little monsters.

As usual, there are so-called starter Pokémon. One of each type, i.e. plant, fire or water. Of course, die-hard Pokémon fans are already debating which one to choose and speculating about what developments and final stages these three will have, because nothing is known about that either. to choose from Felori, Krokel and Kwaks.


Felori belongs to the plant type, and looks like a kitten colored in different shades of green. Big brown eyes, a cute face and dainty velvet paws make Felori a very pretty person. Unlike Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the crimson and purple critters have the standard abilities of all starter Pokémon again. So Felori has the emergency fertilizer ability.




Crokel is the fire type among the starter Pokémon and is visually reminiscent of a mixture of crocodile and platypus. The red-brown body with beige belly and beige mask over the eyes and upper jaw definitely resembles that of a crocodile. However, with its funny yellow hairdo and few small teeth, it is far from dangerous looking. Its ability is that of Great Fire.




Kwaks is the water type of the three, and appears in his standard form as a cute white duck with blue feet and a blue hat. Its default ability is the torrent. It is not known how exactly he develops, neither for him nor for the other two starter Pokémon.



Pokémon Crimson and Crimson brings some innovations with it, and so far still leaves one or the other question unanswered, which of course encourages fans to wild speculation. As always, it will be exciting, and usually some information will leak out before the game starts so that the choice of the starter Pokémon could be a little easier.