The 5 most popular Pokémon stuffed animals

Pokémon is no longer just a simple game, but rather a global movement. The success of this unique series has been celebrated since 1996. Many episodes were also created, as well as numerous games for a wide variety of platforms and great merchandising items. In the following, we would like to go into the 5 most popular Pokémon plush toys, which have clearly established themselves over the past few years and make many a fan’s heart beat faster.

  1. Snorlax (Snorlax)

Buy Snorlax cuddly toysSnorlax is a really cozy Pokémon that doesn't want to hurt any human soul. Mainly, Relaxo is very keen to sleep and eat a lot, because these are his two biggest hobbies. That too Cuddly toy from Relaxo embodies this very well. With a corpulent body and a very dreamy nature, this Pokémon can really make you very tired of yourself. In the Pokémon series, children use the large area of ​​their stomach to play. In real life, too, it is certainly a good place to take a nap!








  1. Eevee

Buy Eevee plush toyEevee is very scared and looks like a fox. This Pokémon is still very scary at first, but can develop into a really good friend through trust. We have the stuffed animal for you! Are you also a big Eevee fan? Then you should get this Pokémon cuddly toy guaranteed not to be missed! 







  1. Charizard

Charizard soft toyCharizard belongs to the Fire Pokémon category and is very powerful. Charizard always flies through the air to seek out new opponents for a fight and thereby become stronger himself. His attacks, in particular, which can all be assigned to the “fire” category, can even melt stones.
In which Charizard cuddly toy Particular emphasis was placed on the details and the processing of the materials, so that the filigree body of this Pokémon comes into play as well as possible. Take a look at our pictures and see for yourself.


  1. Mewtwo

Buy Mewtwo soft toyMewtwo is one of the cutest Pokémon and has genetics like no other Pokémon. It is said to have all of the genetic traits of all Pokémon, which can make it an unbeatable opponent. This Pokémon can also be seen a lot in the Pokémon films when it is not using its invisibility ability.
Fortunately that is Mewtwo Pokémon plush toy but not in possession of these skills and you can be guaranteed to find it again and again in your bed at home. We find a really successful gift for every Pokémon fan!


  1. Pikachu

Pikachu plush toyThat was clear ... of course our number 1 is the Pikachu. After all, it is the most popular and best-known Pokémon right from the start. Ash picks it up in the first episode and the two become great friends.
That too Pikachu cuddly toy can become a great partner when falling asleep! Convince yourself.


All featured here Pokemon cuddly toys and many more such as B. Jigglypuff, Enton, Bulbasaur, Lycanroc and much more. are available in our shop.