The next Pokémon GO Community Day in November

We have only just been able to look forward to Community Day in October, and the next Pokémon GO Community Day in November is just around the corner. As always, many different bonuses and a very special Pokémon await you here!

On Sunday, November 21st, the time has come! From 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. local time, you can benefit from a few surprises. Since this event is also the last Community Day before the big Mega Community Day in December, there will be particularly great gifts. 

Everything we know so far about the next Community Day in Pokémon GO in November, we would like to tell you in this article.


Shinux Pokemon

Sheinux at the center of Community Day in November

This time you can look forward to Sheinux, which will be the focus of the next Pokémon GO Community Day. During the event, you can encounter the Electric Pokémon particularly often in the wild.

Even in its dazzling form, the nimble monster will appear unusually often. With a little luck, the shiny hunters among you can expand your collection of dazzling Pokémon.

But that's not all! If you develop Sheinux further development Luxio to Luxtra during the Pokémon GO Community Day in November, your monster can learn a very special attack: the Charging attack Psychobiter.

It is good to know that your Luxtra can still learn this attack if you develop the Luxio advance within 2 hours of the actual event!



The Psychobite attack

This charging attack will be introduced for the first time in the game Pokémon GO on Community Day in November.  

With this attack, Luxtra can significantly lower the defense of the opposing monster. It can also land particularly effective and devastating hits on Pokémon of the Combat and Poison type.

In Trainer Battles, Luxtra can score 40 points of damage with its Psychobiter Charged Attack. In addition, the opponent's defense will be lowered. In arena and raid battles, Luxtra can inflict 30 damage points on its opponents with the attack.

That sounds pretty promising at first, of course. However, you should know that despite its new and effective attack, Luxtra is unlikely to give you much advantage in combat.

The reason for this is that Luxtra's strengths lie primarily in his attacks with electric attacks. It's no wonder when you consider that Luxtra is electric.

A psycho attack, like Psychobite, therefore brings you relatively little in both arena and raid fights. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth developing Luxio during Community Day in November.


Here is an overview of the individual events:

Period Events
1. November
until December 1st
Research breakthrough
with skallyk
1. November
and November 2nd
Event: Day of the Dead
November 2 Spotlight hour with tuska and candy
3. November Raid hour with
Until November 5th Raids with Darkrai
Until November 5th Mega raids with
November 5th to
14. November
Event: Light Festival
November 5th to
16. November
Raids with cobalium,
Terracium and Viridium
November 5th to
16. November
Mega raids with
Mega Voltenso
November 8th to
22. November
Master League in PvP is active
ML Premier Classic
Spezialcup: The choice is yours
9. November Spotlight hour with Lampi
and candies
10. November Raid hour with cobalium,
Terracium and Viridium
16. November Spotlight hour with chelast
and stardust
November 16th to
21. November
Event: "Pokémon Radiant Diamond"
and "Pokémon Luminous Pearl"
November 16th to
1. December
Raids with Cresselia
November 16th to
1. December
Mega raids with
Mega Schlapor
17. November Raid lesson with Cresselia
21. November Community Day with Sheinux
November 22th to
29. November
PvP with super league, hyper league
and champions league
23. November Spotlight hour with panflam
and EP
24. November Raid lesson with Cresselia
November 26th to
29. November
Event at the end of the
"Season of the joke"
30. November Spotlight hour with Piplup


Pokemon Go Community Day in November


You can look forward to these bonuses on Pokémon GO Community Day

Also in November there will be many bonuses on Community Day. So you can not only benefit from particularly large amounts of stardust, but also get more out of various items than usual.

If your Pokémon lay eggs in the incubator that day, they will hatch 4 times as fast as usual. In addition, your lock modules and your smoke will remain active for a total of 3 hours. You also have the chance of photobombs when taking snapshots.


Even more bonuses than usual on Community Day in November

The last Community Day before the big Mega Community Day in December will take place on November 21st. Therefore, in addition to the usual bonuses, you can expect even more surprises at this event. 

Niantic will reward you with further gifts on this day. So when you send Pokémon you will receive 3 times the amount of candy. In addition, your chance of getting an XL candy when sending a monster is 4 times higher than usual. If that's not good news!


A new special research on the next Community Day 

Better candy chances are not all Niantic will offer you in November. There will also be new special research. This will be titled “Flickering, Sparking, Glowing”.

This special research will revolve around the Pokémon Sheinux. To be able to participate, however, you have to pay € 1, or a comparable amount in your respective currency.  

We expect Niantic to release more information on how to get a ticket for special research in the coming days. Furthermore, further information about the content of the research “Flickering, Sparking, Glowing” will be revealed.


Our tips for Community Day  

So that you can get the most out of the next Community Day in November, we would like to give you a few more tips.

During the event you can not only receive various bonuses, but also exclusive event boxes and free goodies. You will also find some surprises in the shop that day.  

You can also get the Community Day box for a total of 1.280 Poké coins. This contains 50 hyperballs, 4 times smoke, 4 star pieces and a top-loading TM. But even if you don't want to spend so many coins on this box, a visit to the shop is worthwhile. You will get 30 free hyperballs there.


Prepare yourself well for the event! 

Proper preparation for the next Community Day is essential. This is the only way to get the most out of the event.

It's best to collect at least 300 Poké Balls before November 21st. This will prevent you from suddenly being without a Poké balls there it is. Because you definitely want to prevent that.

It is also worth clearing out the bag and the Pokémon box. If you did this before Community Day, you won't be wasting valuable time on that day.


Use our catch trick!

As usual, there is again a lot of stardust to be found at this special event. So you should definitely take advantage of our catch trick to get as much of this valuable resource as possible. Because you know, you can never have enough stardust!

But what exactly does this trick look like? We'll tell you: Use smoke on Community Day! Because only today it will hold for a total of 3 hours and thus attract around 60 Pokémon per hour. This gives you the opportunity to play relaxed from home and catch a lot of Shiny Pokémon.


Look forward to Pokémon GO Community Day on November 21! 

In this article we have now told you everything about the next Pokémon GO Community Day in November! Use our tips and tricks and get the most out of the special event!