The Pokémon GO World Championships in 2022

Next year, for the first time in the history of the game, Pokémon GO World Championships are to take place. The Pokémon trainers from all over the world the opportunity to duel each other in the super, hyper and master leagues as well as in event-related leagues.

Now a world champion is to be chosen for the first time. In this article we would like to tell you everything there is to know about the Pokémon GO World Championships.

Pokemon Go World Cup 2022 

What exactly are the Pokémon GO World Championships?

As part of the Pokémon World Championships, the best coach in the world is to be found in August 2022. The world championships take place in cooperation with Niantic and other Pokémon games.

The 4-day event is to be held in London. The best Pokémon trainers in the world are to be invited to duel each other. The participants are expected to be divided into two age groups: the “Senior” and the “Master” class.

It can be assumed that players born between 2006 and 2009 will compete in the “Senior” class. All other participants who were born in 2005 or earlier will put their skills to the test in the “Master” class.

The Pokémon GO world championships themselves will be held in the champions league. For this purpose, the organizer will provide special smartphones to play with.


The registration 

In order to register for the Pokémon GO World Championships, you must have achieved the rank of “Legend” in the current GO battle league by November 21st at the latest. 

Trainers with the rank “Legend” will be informed of the period in which they can register for the qualifying events for the World Championships. We assume that this period will be at the beginning of next year.

If there are still places available after the registration period has expired, all other players have the opportunity to apply.

In addition, the following requirements must be met to participate in the Pokémon GO World Championships:


  • You are old enough (the minimum age to participate is currently unknown)
  • You have the Terms & Conditions accepted by Play! Pokémon
  • You have a Play! Pokémon player ID (this must be linked to your game)



Qualification for the Pokémon GO World Championships

All registered trainers will take part in regional and international qualification events. If you master these events, you have the chance to receive a ticket to the World Championships.

It is currently not known when and where these qualification events will take place.


The Reward

The winner of the world championships will of course be given the title of “Pokémon World Champion” or “Pokémon World Champion”. But according to the Pokémon Company, there will also be many attractive prizes for all other participants in the World Championships. However, it remains to be seen what prices that will be. 

Useful little helpers like the well-known ones Pokemon Go Pluswith which to get Pokemon Automatically are of course not allowed during the event.