Libelldra Flygon Plüschtier Pokemon (ca. 30cm) kaufen

Libelldra Flygon plush toy Pokemon (approx. 30cm)

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A dragon or a dragonfly? Both is the answer. This is Libelldra, a Pokémon that has been flying through the air since the third generation of the game.

Lizarddra is a roughly human-sized, lizard-like, flying Pokémon that is mainly green in color. Its slender, light green body has rather puny but clawed arms and strong legs and ends in a very long tail. This has a fan-like structure with red ornaments at the end and is adorned with dark green decorative stripes.

Libelldra has large wings, also framed in red. His eyes are protected by red, prominent lids. Two large, pointed antennae protrude from the back of its head.

Libelldra is a rare Pokémon that prefers sandy deserts for habitat. It is very shy and hides from people, who consequently hardly ever see it.

But now you have a Libelldra all to yourself in the form of this amazing plush toy.

  • Material: plush, PP cotton
  • Size: about 30 cm
  • Cleaning by hand