Milza Axew Kuscheltier Pokemon (ca. 30cm) kaufen

Milza Axew cuddly toy Pokemon (approx. 30cm)

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Just to love and cuddle: This is the plush figure of the Pokémon Milza!
The Dragon-type Pokemon Milza was introduced in Generation XNUMX.
The tusk-type Pokémon Milza has a somewhat clumsy stature with a comparatively large head, a short, tapering tail, and four legs, although it mostly moves on two legs.

At the back of the head is a large and narrow horn projecting upwards. Its main characteristics are probably its two pale green tusks, which protrude left and right from its wide mouth. 

Spleen's all-purpose tool is its tusks, which it uses to crack nuts, crush berries, and make notches in trees to mark its territory. They are not particularly robust yet, which is why they sometimes break off when too much force is applied. Don't worry, the plush figure's tusks stay on!

  • Material: plush, PP cotton
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Age recommendation: from 4 years