Plüschfigur Pokémon Vulnona Ninetales, ca. 25 cm kaufen

Plush figure Pokémon Vulnona Ninetales, approx. 25 cm

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Vulnona is a Fire-type Pokémon that appeared in Generation XNUMX.

Vulnona is a medium-sized, four-legged Pokémon with a fox-like body. In its normal form, it has a slim, lithe body with a silky, pastel yellow coat that has a golden sheen. In the chest area and on the head, the fur of the fire type is very dense and long. Characteristic of Vulnona are the nine conspicuous tails it carries.

Vulnona is highly intelligent and can understand human speech. However, it is very vengeful and resentful. So if you pull it's tail for fun, it's said to inflict a 1000-year curse that's transmitted through its tail. It hunts by hypnotizing its prey before attacking with flickering flames from its mouth.

But this Vulnona is very peaceful, because it comes here as a plush figure.

  • Material: cotton, PP plush
  • Size: 25 cm
  • Age recommendation: from 4 years