Affiti - the new Pokémon in crimson and purple

Of course there is crimson and purple some new Pokemon. But details have been stingy so far. For example, the appearance of the new Pokémon. But now we can tell you something about Affiti.


Profile affiliate:

  • Poisonous Monkey Pokemon
  • belongs to "Poison" and "Normal"
  • nocturnal
  • paints strange patterns with poison
  • 70 cm tall
  • 27,2 kg
  • Ability: Venomous Grip - Relief


Affiti's pattern painting

Have you wondered what the patterns that the Pokémon draw are all about? on YouTube you can watch a video about it. The patterns of the colorful painting are colored. The colors of the pattern painting come from berries and other food that the Pokémon eats. Affiti also turns out to be a true artist and also really sophisticated. Because it returns to where it left patterns (usually on trees).

The painting will be made as soon as it gets dark. For this purpose, Affiti licks his fingers and hands. So these are coated with the colorful toxin. Don't worry, this poison does not kill, but paralyzes its victims. Beetle Pokémon in particular belong to the target group. They are attracted and eventually paralyzed by the sweet smell, which they find very pleasant.

The paintings of each individual affiti mark its terrain. In rivalries, a raffiti may paint over a rival's pattern, thereby contesting territory. The nocturnal Pokémon also seems to be a bit cranky and also jumpy.


What does affiliation look like? And where does his name come from? 

At first glance, Affiti is reminiscent of a lemur monkey. His tail is extra fluffy and has white stripes. Its head is very large and its eyes, which are also very large, are perfect for seeing in the dark. The ears are really big too. The fur is predominantly dark gray and is broken up by brown fur on the head and white fur on the tail. The long fingers that the Pokémon paints with are mostly colored. Its claws are very sharp and when threatened, it spits poisonous saliva at its opponents. The more threatened it feels, the more concentrated the venom becomes.

Affiti Grafaiai

The appearance could have been thrown together from different species of monkeys. Affiti resembles an aye-aye (a species of lemur) in physique, particularly in relation to the ears and fingers. It could have got its tail from a ring-tailed lemur (also a species of lemur). And the poison? This trait is reminiscent of a slow lorikeet, whose bites can be poisonous. Similar to how graffiti sprayers mark their territory, Affiti also handles it with his paintings. Especially when it spits saliva, this is very reminiscent of a spray can. Concentrated painting is a skill and is somewhat reminiscent of finger paint. However, this creates unique works of art.




Possible origin/derivation



Affe + grafiti



Graffiti + aya-aye (ayay) (Aye-aye is another name for the aye-aye).



Tags (like a graffiti tag)



Day/Tagsghing (for marking/marking) and Saru (Japanese "monkey")


It's finally coming out soon and the game will surely surprise us all with more reveals. If something is known by then, you will of course find out from us.