All about the Pokémon GO Events in March 2022

In March 2022 there are again numerous dates and events. But what bonuses can be expected and what is particularly worthwhile? What you can look forward to in March and more information about the limelight hours and raid hours you can get exclusively from us.


A new season is dawning

Just in time for the start of the new season, you can get ready for weekly events. the Alola The season begins with themed events.

  • Welcome to Alola
  • The Color Festival
  • Magnificent jungle

These three themed events ensure lots of fun and variety.

Welcome to Alola heralds the new season and begins on the first of the month. Up to and including March 09.03.2022th, XNUMX you have the opportunity to track down and catch new Pokémon as part of the event. Various raids are taking place and there is new field research for you. There's also a new collector's challenge waiting for you.

After a short break, the next festival continues. From March 15th you have the great chance to take part in the color festival. This lasts up to and including Sunday March 20th. The Color Festival bonuses have not yet been announced and there is little speculation about them. Colorful Pokémon and unusual clothing items for the avatar complete the adventure.

Only two sleeps and the Resplendent Jungle event continues. We will still be groping a little in the dark with regard to this highlight. From March 22nd to March 29th. Niantic speaks of a "jungle adventure, based on the Alola region". What exactly is meant by this remains open for the time being, of course there is extensive speculation. One speculation revolves around whether the mysterious Pokemon Zarude will appear.


Pokemon Go raids in March 2022

Things get exciting right away on March XNUMXst. Tapu Riki, which is assigned to the Fairy and Electric types, inspires as a legendary raid Pokémon. In particular, the trainers with a passion for collecting will be happy about it. As Shiny version is Tapu Riki however not available for the time being. It's also really worth keeping an eye out for Boreos. The Pokémon returns in animal spirit form and is characterized by its strong ground attack. It is therefore definitely worthwhile to strike at this point. So you get what is probably the strongest ground attack in the game at the moment.


Tapu Riki


The Pokémon Go spotlight hours in March 2022

Certainly great and filled with a lot of fun are the spotlight hours in March. Great bonuses and lots of candies and dust await you. However, if you are hoping for special or very strong Pokémon, you will unfortunately be disappointed. However, if it's all about the fun factor, you can fully enjoy the limelight hours.

The five Pokémon Go spotlight hours in March 2022 are turning around tragosso, Owei, Fukano, sham tree and paras. While these Pokémon aren't overly powerful or exclusive, it's still worth it, especially for Trainers who like to collect. The focus here is on having fun at the event. Going out together and chasing Pokémon is what really matters, after all. The chance of a corresponding Shiny After all, catching and taking advantage of the available bonuses is also a great prospect.


sham tree


The Pokémon Go Raid Hours and Raids in March 2022

Are you looking for strong Pokémon for your collection? At this point, the raid hours are perfect. The fun of playing in combination with great prospects for great Pokémon makes these events very special. Discover, for example, Tapu-Riki, Mega-Schlapor and many more.


Pokémon Go event overview for March 2022

So that you don't miss anything, we have put together an overview for you. You have to decide for yourself what you want to participate in and what is worthwhile for you. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun while playing. The bosses on 23.03. and on 30.03. are certainly already certain, but are still being kept secret. If these are announced by Niantic, you will of course find out from us. Boreos in the Shiny version should be a special attraction for many of you. So don't miss out on the raid hours.

The raids in March 2022 are also varied and diverse. There's a new Mega Event happening every week, and it's really worth participating in every single one of them. The mega raids with megaBulbasaur, which is also available as Shiny, extend over a pleasant period of time so that no trainer misses anything.

Data in March 2022


From 01.03. until 01.05.

The Alola season

From 01.03. until 01.04.

Research breakthrough

Here can Alola Vulpix be caught normal and shiny

From 01.03. until 08.03.

Player versus Player:

The Johoto Cup and Super League

From 01.03. until 09.03.

Welcome to Alola Events

From 01.03. until 15.03.

·       Tapu Riki in level 5 raids

· Mega Bulbasaur also as Shiny in Mega Raids

On 01.03.

· Spotlight Hour with tragosso also as Shiny

· send candies

· Mele-Mele special research starts

On 02.03.

Tapu-Riki Raid Hour

On 05.03.

Jurob Kamp Day

On 08.03.

· Owei also called Shiny Limelight Hour

· Development XP

From 08.03. until 15.03.

Player versus Player:

Hyperliga and HL Premier Classic

On 09.03.

Tapu-Riki Raid Hour

On 13.03/XNUMX

Community Day with sandan also as Siny and Alola-Sandan also as Shiny

From 15.03. until 22.03.

· Boreos in animal spirit form also as shiny in level 5 raids

· Player versus Player: Love Cup and Master League

· Mega Raids with Mega Schlapor also as Shiny

From March 15th to 20.03th

The Color Festival event

On 15.03.

Spotlight Hour

Here there are Fukano also as Shiny

and Catch Stardust

On 16.03/XNUMX

Boreos in animal spirit form, raid hour

From 22.03. until 29.03.

Player versus Player:

Super League and Mini Jungle Cup

· Magnificent Jungle Event

From 22.03. until 05.04.

· Raids with:

previously secret Pokemon

· Mega Raids with Mega Charizard-Y also as Shiny

On 22.03.

Spotlight Hour: sham tree also as Shiny and Fang EP

On 23.03.

Raid hour with:

previously secret Pokemon

On 29.03.

Spotlight Hour: Paras can also be caught as Shiny and has a catch bonus

From 29.03. until 05.04.

Player versus Player: Hyperliga and Fang-Cup

On April 30th

Raid hour with: previously secret Pokémon


Sandan Pokemon Go March Event



Raids, Raid Hours, Spotlight Hours, three themed events, and even the start of the Alola season make this month really diverse. You can look forward to so many different events in March. With our simple overview, you have everything at a glance, can't miss anything and are always up to date. Of course, what is worthwhile for you personally depends on your preferences.