You can look forward to these Pokémon GO events in February

In February you can again look forward to many exciting events in Pokémon Go. A new surprise awaits you every week this month, such as various raid hours, spotlight hours and one or the other legendary raid boss. For example, you can Deoxys, Ho-oh, Regirock, Registeel and Mega Ampharos are happy.

And that's not all! On top of that, there are also many different themed events. So you can already look forward to the Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day and the preparation for the Johto tour. These events will be active for several days.

In this article, we would like to tell you what you definitely shouldn't miss in February and where you can really cash in.


Pokemon Go February 2022


All Pokémon GO events in February at a glance

Here we have put together an overview of all Pokémon GO events in February for you:



Until February 1st

Research breakthrough with Onix

1. February

Limelight Hour with Leufeo and EP

February 1th to March 1th

Research breakthrough with Psiau

February 1th to February 7th

Lunar New Year event

February 1th to February 9th

Raids with Regirock (possibility to learn earthquake)

February 1th to February 15th

Mega Raids with Mega Houndemon

2. February

Raid hour with Regirock

4. February

Event with promo code

Until February 7st

PvP: Hyper League

February 7th to February 21th

PvP: Super League and Love Cup

8. February

Spotlight hour with parfi and stardust

9. February

Raid hour with Registeel

February 9th to February 16th

Raids with Registeel (Possibility to learn Lightning Cannon)

February 10th to February 14th

Valentine's Day Event

12. February

Community Day with Hopppros

15. February

Spotlight Hour with Smogon and EP

February 15th to March 1th

Mega Ampharos in the mega raids

16. February

Raid hour with Deoxys (in the normal form)

February 16th to February 19th

Raids with Deoxys (in Normal form) in Tier 5 Raids

February 16th to March 1th

Niantic gives you up to 2 raid passes per day for free

February 18th to February 25th

Event: Preparing for Johto Tour

February 19th to February 22th

Raids with Deoxys (in Attack Form) in Tier 5 Raids

February 21th to February 28th


●      super league

●      master league

●      hyperleague

●      Johto Cup

22. February

Spotlight hour with voltobal and candies

February 22th to February 25th

Raids with Deoxys (in its defensive form) in Tier 5 Raids

23. February

Raid hour with Deoxys (in his defensive form)

February 25th to March 1th

Raids with Deoxys (in its Initiative form) in Tier 5 Raids

26. February

Pokemon GO Tour in Johto

26. February

Raids with:

●      Raikou

●      Entei

●      Suicune

●      Lugia

●      Ho-oh

(can all be caught as Shiny)



Pokemon Deoxys


These events are particularly worthwhile

As you can see, this month's Pokémon GO is all about Deoxys. But there are also some events that you should not miss. We will now tell you what these are:


Join the Johto Tour

Under no circumstances should you let the Johto tour slip through your fingers! This event in February gives you the chance to encounter certain Shiny Pokémon in the wild with particular frequency. On top of that, you also get strong bonuses that are definitely worth it.

You can take part in the Johto Tour for free and supplement your team with one or the other Pokémon in its shiny form. However, you can get even more content if you buy a paid ticket for this event.


The Lunar New Year from February 1st

From February 1st to February 7th, the Lunar New Year event will take place in Pokémon GO. During this period you can expect 7 different research tasks as well as 2 time-limited ones. Stardust and XP await you as a reward. In addition, you can too Psiau to encounter.


The Valentine's Day event from February 10th to February 14th

This year there will again be an exciting event for Valentine's Day. This time, Niantic is supposed to focus on a special fairy Pokémon. This should appear with all its developments for the first time in Pokémon GO.  

Data miners assume that they have found a change in the game's code. This change is intended to give hints about the new Pokémon: Hokumil and its evolution Pokusan.

The special thing about Pokusan is that it is available in 9 different flavors and 7 different decorations. This results in a total of 63 possible combinations. And we haven't even counted the shiny shapes here!

How many variants of the new Pokémon can you snag in this event?




The preparation for the Johto tour from February 17th to February 25th

The preparation for the Johto tour takes place from February 17th to February 25th and turns around Poké balls. So you should prepare accordingly and fill your pockets with enough Pokéballs. Because there will definitely be some Pokémon to catch!


Look forward to exciting raids in February

You can also look forward to many raids in Pokémon Go this month. Everything revolves around the monster Deoxys, which will appear for the first time in its dazzling attack, defense and initiative forms.  

From February 16th, Niantic will also be offering up to 2 free raid passes per day. All you have to do is rotate arena photo discs.

But not only the raids with Deoxys are worthwhile. Also the raids with dogmon and Ampharos you shouldn't miss it. After all, these are particularly strong attackers.


Take advantage of the spotlight hours  

Different Pokémon will be in the spotlight every Tuesday night between 18pm and 19pm. This Pokémon will spawn particularly frequently in the wild during this period. So you can't miss it at all. 

On top of that, a bonus is always active during the spotlight hours, which also provides Stardust and Candy.


Look forward to February's events in Pokémon GO

February also has a lot to offer in Pokémon GO. New Pokémon, strong attackers, exciting events and of course lots of bonuses, candies and stardust! If that's not worth it!