This is the strongest Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO

Evoli is the Pokémon with the most evolutions. In total, the fox-like monster can evolve into 8 different Pokémon! All 8 further developments of Eevee are also available in Pokémon GO. But which is actually the strongest? Is there a further development of Eevee that you definitely shouldn't miss in your team? We'll tell you here!

Nachtara, Eevee, Psiana, Blitza, Aquana, Flamara, Glaziola, Folipurba cuddly toys

These are Evolis developments

Eevee is really not a rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO! Maybe you already have quite a few Evolis on your team. Then it's about time you developed the little monster!

You can get candy for further development in the game quite easily. Now the question still arises as to which monster you should develop your Eevee into. Is there a super development that you absolutely need in your team? And if so, what development is it?

We'll tell you all about it in a moment!


Eevee cuddle Pokemon


This is the best Evoli Development! 

Eevee has been around since the first generation of games. This makes the fox-like creature one of the veterans in the Pokémon franchise. Eevee is one of the smaller monsters. It moves on four legs and is predominantly brown in color. The bushy tail as well as its fur collar are cream-colored and give it its unique appearance.

You can use candy to develop it into the following monsters in Pokémon GO:

If you are now wondering which of these monsters is the super development, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you. Although each of these Pokémon has its own strengths and weaknesses, there is no such thing as a super development that you should absolutely have. With one exception: night macaw! But more on that in a moment.


That's how strong Evolis developments are

Evolis developments differ not only in their habitat and their appearance, but also in the combat values ​​attack, defense and HP value.

You can display these values ​​by letting the team leader rate your Pokémon. Each monster has different limits on its attack, defense and HP values.

In this list we have summarized the various values ​​of Evolis developments clearly:


















Night macaw





















So you see Evolis Developments are mainly in the midfield of the attackers. They can be used well in combat, but there are usually better alternatives.

But as already said, night macaw is an exception here!


Night Macaw Umbreon


Night macaw for PvP 

In general, there is no best development of Eevee. Which monster you should use always depends on your situation. Are you looking for support for raids? Or do you focus more on PvP (player vs. player)?

So the optimal choice of your Pokémon always depends on what you prefer.

Above all, however, stands out Night macaw different developments from Evolis! From, the Pokémon of the Unlight type received a total of 4,5 out of 5 points for the Super League. For the hyper league it was awarded 4 out of 5 points.

Overall, we can say that while Nachtara is not a non-plus-ultra attacker in Pokémon GO, it is still one of the stronger Pokémon in the leagues. So it can definitely pay off to have the 2nd generation Pokémon on your team. The combination of high defense and HP values ​​make it a good choice! 

When it comes to raids, however, you'd better stay away from Nachtara. There are other Dark-type monsters here that are definitely better choices. These include, for example, Despotar or Snibunna.


Glaziola glaceon


glaciola for raids

Are you less of a fan of PvP and more interested in raids? If so, glaziola could be a good choice for you. Because especially when it comes to ice attackers, there is very little choice for raids in Pokémon GO.

In addition, many Trainers use Dragon-type Pokémon to defend their arena. Glaziola can do quite a bit of damage to these monsters. With a strong Glaziola on your team and the right tactics, you can almost certainly defeat the opposing trainers!

When it comes to raids, Glaziola is definitely the best choice among all Evoli developments!


The other evolutions of Eevee in Pokémon GO!

In addition to Nachtara and Glaziola, there are of course 6 other further developments of the basic Pokémon Eevee! These are all somewhere in the midfield of the attackers in Pokémon GO. Even if you don't necessarily have to have these monsters on your team, of course they all have their strengths.


Psiana Espeon

Psiana - a strong psycho attacker

In Pokémon GO, Psiana is definitely one of the stronger psycho-type attackers. However, there are comparatively few raid bosses of the fight and poison type in the game. As a result, the possible uses for a psycho attacker in Pokémon GO are also limited.



Feelinara Sylveon



Felinara - Few possible uses in Pokémon GO

When it comes to PvP battles, Feelinara is at best in the midfield of attackers. It's neither particularly good nor particularly bad. It doesn't really play a big role in raids either. There is only one thing left to say about Feelinara: Nice to have! But in the end, you don't necessarily have to have this Pokémon on your team.


folipurba - a possibility for raids 

The Plant-type Pokémon does quite well in raids. However, there are other attackers in Pokémon GO who are stronger: for example Roserade. You can get this monster in quite a few events.

Folipurba can be a good addition to Roserade and other attackers in raids. In the end, you should definitely focus on stronger monsters than Folipurba.


Aquana, blizzard and flamara - good attackers

 Aquana, Blitza and Flamara have existed since the first generation of the game and are therefore Evoli's first further developments. In Pokémon GO, they can be a good choice for an attacker. In the long term, however, it is better to focus on stronger Pokémon in raids.


Eevee and its developments for your team!

Eevee has been inspiring us with its many different developments since the 1st generation of the game! The monsters definitely make a good support for your team! Above all, Nachtara stands out, which can be used well in PvP. Glaziola, on the other hand, is the best choice for raids. Overall, there are usually even better alternatives that you can use in battle.