The Pokémon Go June events

In June 2022 there will again be many great events that you shouldn't miss. So that you can keep an overview, you can get all dates and information from us at a glance.

In keeping with the beautiful weather, June is packed with exciting events and activities related to Pokémon Go. We will tell you which days are particularly worthwhile and at the end of the article you will find an overview of all event days in the next few weeks.

You can find large and small events, raids and spotlight hours in our overview.

Pokemon Go Community Day in June

Particularly worthwhile Pokémon Go events in June

At all Pokémon Go events, the focus is of course on fun. Nevertheless, some of the events are something special and real gamers don't want to miss them. The themed events are an example of this.

Am 04.06. and on 05.06. find that Pokémon Go Fest instead of. Bonuses await you here, the first appearance of Shaymin and possibly an Ultra Beast as well. Ultra Beasts are a new breed of Pokémon.

The way food is adventure week, which from 07.06. until the 12.06. constantly has a lot to offer you. You'll encounter more Rock and Fossil-type Pokémon during this time.

The Crossover event from 16.06 to 30.06. and its exact contents have so far been mysterious. Let yourself be surprised or visit us regularly. As soon as more is known, you will find out from us. What we know so far: The Pokemon trading card game releases its own version specifically for Pokémon Go. Because of this cooperation, the event takes place.

In the June Raids from Pokémon Go you will meet several really strong raid bosses in Raids Level 5. Cheer up Mewtwo, Kyogre and Groudon. If you're lucky, you might even get a shiny.


Kyogre, Mewtwo and Groudon are the main protagonists of June's Community Day

Our Pokémon Go event list for June

As promised, below is the list of events for June. We wish you a lot of fun playing and of course good luck catching. Not all details are known yet, so check back regularly to see if we have updated the article.

The event

The period

The season starts


raid hour with Kyogre as Shiny


Research breakthrough - With Klikk also as Shiny


Tier 5 raids with Kyogre also as Shiny

01.06/07.06 until XNUMX.

Megaraids with Mega Steelix also as Shiny

01.06/07.06 until XNUMX.

Player vs Player Superliga / Superliga remix

01.06/08.06 until XNUMX.

The Pokemon Go Fest

04.06/05.05 until XNUMX.

Spotlight Hour - Nasgnet also available as Shiny and double Catch Candy


adventure week

07.06/12.06 until XNUMX.

Tier 5 raids with Groudon also as Shiny

07.06/16.06 until XNUMX.

The raid hour with Groudon also as Shiny


Player vs. Player Hyper League / Fangcup Pokémon Go Fest Edition

08.06/22.06 until XNUMX.

Limelight hour with Mantay also as Shiny / double mailing bonus


The raid hour with Groudon also as Shiny


Player vs. Player Master League / Fossil Cup

15.06/22.06 until XNUMX.

The crossover event

16.06/30.06 until XNUMX.

Tier 5 raids with Mewtwo Also known as Shiny / Spooky Ball Charge Attack

16.06/23.06 until XNUMX.

Mega Raids with Mega Bisaflor also as Shiny

16.06/23.06 until XNUMX.

Player vs Player Go Battle Day


Spotlight Hour with Webarak also available as a Shiny/double development EP


Raid hour with Mewtwo also as Shiny


Player vs. Player Super Liga / Retrocup

22.06/29.06 until XNUMX.

Level 5 Raids with Mewtwo also as Shiny / Charged Attack Psychoblast

23.06/01.07 until XNUMX.

Megaraids with Megaturtok also as Shiny

23.06/01.07 until XNUMX.

Pokemon Go Community Day


spotlight hour


Raid hour with Mewtwo also as Shiny


Player vs. Player Hyper League / Kantocup

29.06/06.07 until XNUMX.