These Pokémon GO events are waiting for you in October!

We can look forward to many exciting Pokémon GO events again in October! In keeping with Halloween, the month should have a horror motto. You can of course look forward to one or the other gruesome and spooky event! We would like to tell you here what to expect in autumn and which Pokémon GO events in October are particularly worthwhile!


Pokemon Go October 2021


You can look forward to these Pokémon GO events in October:



October 1 - November 1

Research breakthrough with Makabaja

October 1 - October 10

Event "Secrets of the Jungle"

October 1 - October 12

Meet Genesect with the Aquamodul in the 5 raids (not in the shiny form)

October 1 - October 15

Jessie and James return with theirs Meowth-Balloon back

October 1 - October 22

Meet Mega Gengar in the mega raids

5. October

Spotlight lesson with Driftlon and EP

6. October

Raid hour with Genesect

6. October

Niantic is celebrating its birthday with a present for you

9. October

Community Day with Twisted Light

October 11 - October 25

Super league with PvP

October 12 - October 22

Meet Giratina in its changing form in the 5 raids (also in the shiny form)

12. October

Spotlight hour with Nebula and stardust

13. October

Raid hour with Giratina in its changing form

October 15 - October 17

Safari Zone in Liverpool

October 15 - October 25

Halloween Cup with PvP

October 15 - October 31

Halloween event with new special research

19. October

Spotlight lesson with Mollimorba and EP

20. October

Raid hour with Giratina in its changing form

October 22 - November 5

Meet Darkrai with the attack "mud bomb" in the 5 raids (also in the shiny form)

October 22 - November 5

Encounter megaAbsolutely in the mega raids

October 25 - November 2

Halloween Cup in PvP

October 25 - November 8

Hyper league in PvP

October 25 - November 8

Hyperleague Premier Classic in PvP

26. October

Spotlight hour with Kramurx and EP

27. October

Raid hour with Darkrai and his attack "mud bomb"

October 29 - October 31

Safari Zone in Philadelphia




You should definitely not miss these events:

As you can see, there are lots of interesting events waiting for you at Pokémon GO in October. But some you shouldn't miss out on under any circumstances. We'll tell you what they are here!


“Secrets of the Jungle” from October 1st to October 10th

On October 8th, the eagerly awaited new Pokémon film “Secrets of the Jungle” will finally hit the cinemas. A special event in the jungle will also take place in Pokémon GO to coincide with the premiere.

During this event you will have the opportunity to catch the mysterious Pokémon Zarude. We assume that Zarude could become the new strongest attacker of the Pflanz type. You certainly don't want to miss this monster on your team.

In addition, during the “Secrets of the Jungle” event in the first week and a half of the month, you have the opportunity to meet the explorer Pikachu with his hat and shoulder bag in the raids. There will also be raids with the rare Larvitar and other Pokémon.

But that's not all! Jessie and James will finally return in their famous Meowth balloon too. The jungle event has many interesting surprises in store for you!


Celebrate Niantic's birthday

Niantic will celebrate its birthday on October 6th. The event will take place between 11 a.m. and 17 p.m. local time. Not many details about this event have been published at the moment, but Niantic is talking about a free box that you can get on that day.

In our experience, it is always worthwhile to make use of the free items in Pokémon GO. Therefore, you should definitely pick up this box on October 6th. Maybe even more bonuses are waiting for you!


Twisted Community Day on October 9th

Community Days always have a lot to offer! So also the Community Day with Zwirrlicht on October 9th. On this special day, great bonuses will be waiting for you again: Receive 3x stardust when catching Pokémon.

Usually there are a lot of spawns with smoke and lock modules. What better way can there be to dust off a particularly large amount of stardust? 


Nebulak / Gastly


Spotlight hour with Nebula on October 12th

For many, stardust is one of the most important resources in Pokémon GO. So you might be happy to hear that you will receive double the amount of stardust for catching a Pokémon that day!

For all those who want to replenish their reserves of stardust in the shortest possible time, the spotlight hour is worthwhile Gastly / Nebulak So especially in the middle of the month.


Pokemon Halloween event


The big Halloween event from October 15th

The big Pokémon GO Halloween event starts right on time for the middle of the month. We know from past years that especially strong candy bonuses await players from all over the world during this event.

There is still very little information about this year's Halloween event. However, we assume that there will be many bonuses to be won again this time. Participation should definitely be worth it!

It is expected that there will also be 2 new Pokémon in Pokémon GO for this event. It remains to be seen which these will be!


Don't miss the new raids!

As you probably know, raids are always worthwhile. And lots of exciting Boss Pokémon are waiting for you in autumn too.

The raids with Genesect and its aqua module are particularly interesting for collectors. And you certainly don't want to miss Giratina in its changing form. Because who wouldn't want this strong monster on their team?  

The raid highlight in October is expected to be Darkrai. However, it will not be encountered with its strongest attack “slumber place”. Instead, it will have the “Mud Bomb” attack. But that shouldn't make these raids any less interesting for you, because Darkrai is one of the strongest attackers in Pokémon GO.


Pokemon Go Safari Zone October 2021


Look forward to the new events in October

 There will be many exciting events again in October! Regardless of whether you want to replenish your stardust reserves, strengthen your team or simply want to benefit from certain bonuses: October has it all!

Look forward to interesting raids and 2 big events: the jungle event and the Halloween event. So you won't get bored in autumn!