School enrollment. Off to the Pokemon School - Back to School 2021

Whether starting school or the new school year - with these tips you will equip your child perfectly for the start of the new year

Whether we like it or not, back to school is fast approaching again. Even if we don't know exactly what school will look like next fall, the students need school supplies, regardless of whether they are spending the school year at home or in the classroom. Even if the individual articles vary depending on the grade and region, there are some things that every student needs and the best of which are often out of stock if you take care of them too late.

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, we've seen that everything from hand sanitizer to toilet paper or puzzles can sell out online and at the Pokemon school supplies it probably won't be any different. So it is probably a good idea to do your next school year or start-up shopping now.

In the following we have listed some tips that you can keep in mind when shopping for school supplies for your children.

Pokemon - buy school supplies


Make an inventory of school supplies

colored pencils, Scissors, sharpener and Rulers - these things can last for more than a school year. Save a huge amount of money by making an inventory of the materials you have. Check your child's old school bag from last year of school to see what could be useful for another year.


Make a checklist

Save yourself some time and energy. It is best to start your shopping for school supplies with a clear list, otherwise you can quickly lose track and end up buying things that you don't necessarily need, but forget important things.


Rely on quality

Think long term. Buy quality items that will last more than a school year. In our Online-Shop you will find a wide range of different items that your child will likely be able to enjoy for more than a year. Think of it as an investment. The longer they last, the more money you can save in the following school years.


Label the material with the name

At school there will most likely be dozens of identical exercise books, pens and maybe dozen Backpacks or give a knapsack. Make sure you label your child's school supplies with their name. Print out stickers or use a permanent marker. This way you can ensure that nothing is mixed up or that things are lost.

 But what exactly do students actually need in everyday school life? Parents often tend to buy too much, which not only wastes money but also puts unnecessary weight on the child's rucksack or knapsack, which can have a negative impact on posture and back. We have summarized the most important things that will definitely serve their purpose in everyday school life:



The school backpack Your child is likely to be the most used item in your school purchases. The backpack is used every day to transport items to and from school. It must withstand daily use, e.g. B. on the bus or on the bike on the way to school, with the storage of all kinds of utensils and heavy books, leaky water bottles and probably one or the other time it is rudely placed on the asphalt floor.

Since it is used all the time, you need to know what to look for in a backpack.

School rucksack / knapsack with Pikachu motif 

Cheap, inferior quality backpacks usually only last a few weeks to a few months. The small selection of backpacks that remains is often limited to one or two models, if a store even carries backpacks. The limited choice may be lacking in quality and may not fit your child properly either.

The width of the rucksack or knapsack should be in proportion to the size of the person. For example, a young child shouldn't choose an adult-sized backpack. In addition, the height of the backpack should be about two centimeters below the shoulder blades to the waist or just above.

Also, always look for wide, padded straps for the shoulders to provide more comfort and to protect the shoulders from excessive pressure. It is important that both straps are used to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly.

Opt for backpacks with pockets, compartments and dividers to help evenly distribute the weight. Make sure not only that both shoulder straps are used and that the backpack is at the correct height, but also that the backpack has pockets, compartments and partitions to distribute the additional weight evenly. Heavier items should be placed closer to the wearer's back in the backpack. Lighter objects can sit further away from the body.

You will find a large selection of high quality backpacks and knapsacks in our online shop.


scissors, Sharpeners, glue and rulers

The scissors are an important item, at least in elementary school age, as children often work with scissors during the school year. Learning the correct cutting techniques will help your child develop their fine motor skills and can also develop their writing skills. A sharpener for the pens, a glue stick and a ruler should definitely not be missing.



Good pencils belong in every pencil case, no matter what class the student is in. Your child cannot do a job if they have nothing to write about. You don't have to buy all the pencils' hardness grades and models, but your child needs a few pencils in the common variations that are sufficient for the whole school year.


Pencils and colored pencils

Whether it's your child's first day of school or you need to freshen up your child's pencil case for exams, colored pencils belong in every pencil case. This includes a couple of highlighters for marking or colorful wooden pens for coloring pictures or diagrams. You will find pens for every occasion in our online shop.

Pikachu pens


Pencil case

Since items like pencils, scissors, crayons, and glue sticks are on the list of school supplies, it is helpful to have a pencil case or something similar to hold these items in. Not only do they keep the desk tidy, but they also prevent your child from losing their belongings.

Pikachu pencil case

There are Pencil cases in all variations and shapes, in a simple design or with unusual patterns. There is something for every child and every preference.