First information about the Pokemon Go Community Day in April 2022

The Pokémon Go Community Day on April 23.04.2022, XNUMX is once again worthwhile. Niantic convinces the players with a new Pokémon and numerous great bonuses. However, the duration of the Pokémon Go Community Day will be adjusted again. You can read all the important news here.

Velursi as the star of the Pokémon Go Community Day

Fluffy and based on a stuffed panda bear, the cute Pokémon is initially beautiful to look at. However, "small but mighty" is an appropriate statement if you want to describe Velursi. Even against strong opponents, this Pokémon can do well if it is trained well. However, be careful with fire attacks. The 7th Generation Pokémon isn't only available to catch during the event. Rather, it celebrates its entry into the game. During the event period, there is an additional chance to purchase Velursi as a Shiny catch.



In addition, the new Pokémon after the advancement to costurso learn a great special move. However, the prerequisite for this is further development up to a maximum of two hours after the end of the event. Diverting blow is called Kosturso's attack, which brings special advantages in defense. The Charge Attack offers great advantages in trainer, arena and raid battles. This does 20 damage in trainer battles and even 50 damage in arena battles and raids. In trainer battles, the defense also increases in any case. 400 candies are required to evolve.


Kosturso Bewear soft toy


Dates and times of the event - Attention adjustment

Am Saturday, 23 April 2022 is the Pokemon Community Day. Of 14: 00 clock to 17: 00 clock the fun lasts this month. In fact, there has been an adjustment that limits the event to three hours as originally. Those who are already used to the six-hour events should definitely remember the new times. The extension from three hours to six hours was due to the pandemic. This should make it easier for players to play according to distance rules and during the restrictions. However, since only a few players have exhausted this offer, Ninatic has adjusted the time again.


Other features of the Pokémon Go Community Day in April 2022

Special research is again available in the shop for one euro. You will receive a box with 30 Hyper Balls for free. There is also a promising event box for 850 Poké coins in the shop. Inside are:

  • A remote raid pass
  • A top instant TM
  • 15 hyperballs
  • 15 pineapple berries

Of course, that wasn't all. You get triple XP for catching Pokemon. You also get a double catch bonus and lock modules and the smoke remain active for three hours. If you spin Pokéstops or open gifts, exclusive stickers can pop out. Bargaining during the event will be reduced in price by half. So you only spend half of the stardust normally used with each exchange. An additional special exchange during the event will be added.

Catching Verlursi can also drop XL Verlursi Candy with a double chance. If a lure module is active and you catch enough of the lured Pokémon, the XP increases. From the already threefold number to fourfold. This effect lasts for half an hour.

In any case, we hope you enjoy playing the Pokémon Go Community Day in April!