First information about Pokémon Go Community Day in October

They are there! The long-awaited news about the first Pokémon Go Community Day in October. Starring: the ghost Pokémon Twisted Light. And on top of that there is also a triple stardust bonus! If it doesn't pay off!

Pokemon Go Community Day October

When does Pokémon Go Community Day take place in October?

Like every month, a special Pokémon is in the spotlight on Community Day on a single day. In October, this day takes place on October 9.10th and lasts from 11:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. local time. With a bit of luck you will also encounter one or the other dazzling Pokémon! There are also many other bonuses.

On Pokémon Go Community Day in October, no other monster than Twisted Light will be the focus. You will come across this Pokémon anywhere. You not only have the chance to face Twisted Light in its conventional form, but also in its rare Shiny form.


A special attack bonus

As on every Community Day, you can teach the Event Pokémon a special attack. To do this, however, you must first develop Zwirrlicht to Zwirrklop and then to Zwirrfinst. Now you can teach the monster the effective Spukball charge attack.

But don't forget that you need Sinnoh Stones to develop Zwirrklop into Zwirrfinf.


Twisted Pokemon


These other bonuses are waiting for you!

On Pokémon Go Community Day in October, you will not only have the opportunity to catch Twisted Light and teach it a special attack. In addition, a particularly popular triple stardust bonus is waiting for you.

Also, don't get the 30 free Hyperballs miss in the shop. In addition, smoke and lock modules last for 3 hours during the entire event.