Missing Pokemon in Crimson and Crimson?

There is a new leak that could disappoint many users. In fact, in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson some Pokemon will not be at the start. As always with the leaks it's a thing... Can they be trusted or not? Of course, the release is getting closer and a lot of correct and incorrect information is making the rounds.

The current leak is not information from an official body, but is based on a Twitter post. serp ivy, Flambrex, Floink and some more are missing according to the information from the leak. A total of ten different Pokémon are probably on the hit list and will not be there. Unfortunately, we can't count on their developments of the respective pocket monsters either. As already mentioned, this is of course not officially confirmed.


Where does the information come from?

A well-known user on Twitter, Riddler_Khu or Zodiac Khuller has already published a lot of information about Pokémon in his previous posts. Maybe you already know him? His current post includes a graphic showing different Pokémon. These are said to be missing in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson.

These are different Pokémon from the following regions:

  • unova
  • Alola
  • Kalos

Some pocket monsters are also missing from the Sun/Moon, Black/White and X/Y editions. The starter Pokémon from Unova like Floink and serp ivy belong to. Accordingly, we will probably have to do without the respective developments.


what's up

The information released by this fan and avid gamer joins a long line of previous information. Most of these were correct or pointed in the right direction. However, leaks can never be relied on 100%. Especially because the developers can still change various details and this is not official information. Statistically, however, Riddler_khu might be right again.

We can only expect that these Pokémon will not be available in Crimson and Crimson. If Riddler_Khu is wrong after all, then the joy will be all the greater.


The community is already paying attention

The community on Reddit has already taken notice and of course there is a lot of discussion here. The absence of certain Pokémon from previous editions is nothing new to fans. Thus, the assumption is obvious that it also crimson and purple could be like that again.

It's almost exclusively the "Aces" or iconic Pokémon (and their evolutions) associated with the Gym Leaders in Unova.

These include:


Trainer Geraldine


Coach Aloe


Coach Kamilla


Coach Artie

The three monkey Pokémon Sodamiak, Grillmak and Vegimak

Coach Colin, coach Maik and coach Benny


Hoopa, Meteno and Coiffwaff are also not in according to the tweet crimson and purple represent. However, we won't know for sure until November 18th, when the coveted release will finally take place. Pokemon Crimson and Crimson however, for the Switch will surely be a great gaming experience. After all, only a few Pokémon are missing and there will be all the more new Pokémon and even some legendary specimens. With so many new acquaintances, fun and excitement are guaranteed.