Look forward to the Pokémon Community Day in May

Pokémon Community Day in May 2022 is just around the corner. Enjoy the Stardust bonus and Alola Kleinstein.

Luckily, this spring, Trainers will once again be able to roam freely in nature and take part in the numerous Pokémon Go events. At the Pokémon Go Community Day on May 22, you have the chance to catch the Alolan Gem and also collect lots of Stardust.


Alola Kleinstein as the main player at the Pokémon Go Community Day

Of course, with Alola Kleinstein as a base, you have great other chances. The Electric and Rock-type Pokémon can of course evolve. You will also get Georock and Geowaz in the Alola form. This is of course related to the current season.

Are you looking forward to it? shiny? With this you can count again at this Community Day in May 2022.


Safe the Date

Here we list all important information for you again, so that nobody misses anything. Important information for the Pokémon Go Community Day in May 2022.

First of all, the date and primeval times. At the Saturday, May 21.05.2022th can you do the community day from 11 clock to 14 clock enjoy. So that holidaymakers can also enjoy the event, this event always takes place at the respective local time.

This duration of three hours we already know from the Community Day with Verlursi. The only difference is the time, because the Community Day, starring Verlursi, took place in the afternoon.

Of course, there are also great bonuses on this Community Day. The focus, of course, is on the increased appearance of Alola Kleinstein and Shinys. But of course that's not all that the Pokémon Community Day in May has to offer you. You get a double catch bonus and there is always three times as much Stardust as usual when you catch it. You can also look forward to snapshot surprises.

What else is there? You get a 11x chance to get XL Kleinstein Candy. Whenever you catch an Alola Kleinstein, you can hope for it. The smoke and the decoy modules last for a full three hours. From 16 a.m. to XNUMX p.m. on the day of the event you have the opportunity to carry out an additional special exchange. During this period, the exchange also costs half as much Stardust.

If you think that's all, you're wrong. In fact, a special bonus is still waiting for you. Very well visited Pokéstops are the place to be at this point. If you catch a lot of Pokémon here with the lure module, you will receive four times the amount of stardust. Don't forget to stay close to the Pokéstop for this, though.


More and more great stuff

The great extras are really extraordinary on this Community Day. If you develop an Alola Geowaz between 11 a.m. and 16 p.m., it will learn a special attack. This is called a waltz.

There are also great things in the shop. You will receive a box with thirty Hyperballs for free. You will find event stickers and also a community day box with lucky egg, star piece, super incubator and Top Sofort TM. The special research called "A Rocky Road" is also available. Have fun playing.