Spring time is plant time - at least with Pokemon Go!

Pokemon friends,

it's that time again. Spring is just around the corner. Spring time is plant time - at least with Pokemon Go! Because here the coming equinox is celebrated with various plant Pokémon.

The whole thing has been running since March 19th and ends on March 26th. So off into nature or the streets of your city, pull out your smartphone and fire up Pokemon Go!

Because wild plants such as Myrapla, Owei, Sonnkern and Knilz can be found more often than usual during this event. In addition, Lunastein and Sonnfel switch to
Celebration of the equinox the hemispheres. After this event they will stay there for the time being.

Raid News:
Plant Pokemon can be claimed in raids

Field research:
During the event, you will receive limited time research on Plant Pokémon

Two new attacks will be permanently added to the game.

Acid spears: Arbok, Sarzenia, Tentoxa, Sleimok, Alola-Sleimok, Morlord, Baldorfish, Octillery and Schlukendung.
Weed mixer: Sarzenia and Tengulist