Spring time is Pokemon Go Plus time - is the autocatch worth it?

Surely you also know the popular gadgets "GoPlus"And"Pokemon Go bracelets“. One auto catch Function is actually not included in it. Autocatch describes automatically catching Pokémon as soon as you encounter them. With this function, you don't even have to pick up your cell phone. The only important thing is that the Poké Ball Plus or the Go Plus must be switched on. However, the autocatch can be activated with clever tricks.

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But how do you activate the auto-catch function?

With both gadgets, this function can be switched on with tricks. But why tricks? The question arises as to whether this is not allowed at all. In fact, this is not entirely clear. The classic loophole opens up here. Because neither the Poké Ball Plus nor the Go Plus have a corresponding preset. However, since they are built in such a way that the autocatch function can be activated, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so.

Some trainers resoldered their gadgets so that the function was now given. However, this way is not completely safe, because a lot can break during the soldering. It would be a shame about your beautiful gadget. This way is possible, but by no means our recommendation to you. It's much easier and faster. The gadget is also not in danger with our recommendation. You can also turn off the feature at any time if you don't want to use it.

And that is how it works:

  • Step 1: The gadget is connected to the smartphone in the usual way.


  • Step 2: Fix the button either with a strong kitchen elastic or with a cable tie. Duct tape can also lead to success. It is important that the catch button is pressed down continuously.

That's all it was. Now you can start relaxed. The gadget now works for you in the background. Due to the fixed button, the gadget behaves as if the button is pressed again and again in an endless loop. So you can be sure to take every Pokéstop and every Pokémon you encounter along the way. While there is no guarantee that every Pokémon will be caught, at least one attempt is dedicated to each encounter. However, since the connection between the device and the gadget needs to be renewed once an hour, this solution is not suitable for the nights or for forgetful people. After an hour at the latest, the autocatch is over. But after all, this is a good start and better than nothing.

Alternatively, you can of course also buy a Gotcha. This is not officially recognized, but nothing is done by the manufacturer to prevent it.


Go Plus with auto catch function

Does the autocatch function even make sense?

Of course, every coach has to answer this question himself. If you play often and like to play on the go, it's hardly worth it, if at all. However, if there is a Pokéstop in front of school, home, university or work, this is a worthwhile addition. Just try it out and see what it brings you. Also, keep in mind that while Pokémon can be tried, there is no guarantee that they will be caught. Manual catching could sometimes be more worthwhile.