Peridot by Niantic: The new game from the Pokemon Go makers

Niantic is known as the developer of Pokemon Go. True to the motto: "Never change a winning team", the manufacturer is again focusing on a lot of action on the road with its new game Peridot. Peridot is the name of the new adventure and presents players with completely new challenges. If you love Pokémon Go, you will also find Peritot great. But where do the games differ and what are the commonalities or similarities? Could Peridot even become a Pokemon Go alternative?


The new game for on the go - Peridot

No Pokémon, but very similar little animals are the main characters of this game. Just like the game itself, the little animals are also called "Peridots". These are also affectionately called “dots” for short. You can catch the peridots, but you can also tame them. Breeding or raising are just as important in this game as outdoor activity. Augmented reality will be possible here as well as with Pokémon Go. We already know the fun outdoors and on the go with friends from Pokémon Go. However, some additional elements make peridot different, so it is by no means a knock-off.


Peridot - the new game from Niantic

How does Peridot compare to Pokemon Go?

Especially great is the possibility to chat in the game and exchange ideas with other players. This feature is missing from Pokemon Go. According to rumors, however, this could soon be retrofitted.

The cultivation of peridots is much more advanced than the possibilities in Pokémon Go, so that a completely new game concept is created. Pokemon Go breeding is limited to hatching eggs and evolving Pokemon. However, what actually becomes of the eggs remains a surprise and the values ​​can only be influenced to a limited extent. This point in particular bothers many players a lot.

With peridot it should be emphasized that the cultivated dots are unique. In this way, each new generation can also be ascribed a specific characteristic. With peridot, the focus is on each individual peridot and raises it to a special level.

Of course we don't want to badmouth the popular classic Pokémon Go. The elements of combat and capturing the wild Pokémon simply remain an incomparable trademark of Pokémon Go. Raids, battles and the Pokéstops offer a unique gaming experience. Pokémon Go was not just a hype, but has prevailed and established itself. There's nothing wrong with playing both games without choosing one. At this point, every player just has to try it out and find their favorite.


What Peridot and Pokémon GO have in common

Just running around outside with friends and playing together is the main part of both games. The Pokémon and also the dots can be viewed through augmented reality and interaction is also possible. However, it should be mentioned that more interaction is planned for Peridot. According to the information, they should be able to learn tricks and even go on a treasure hunt. A lot is also planned in this regard when it comes to rearing.


Competition, complement or another game?

The common developer and similarities in the games naturally raise some questions. Since there are also numerous differences and the gameplay differs, one can neither speak of an addition nor of a successor. The future will probably show whether Peridot is really a competitor, whether it could even replace Pokémon Go or whether both games go hand in hand.