Pikachu - Interesting facts about the famous Pokémon


The small and famous Pokémon Pikachu, which has existed since the first generation of the game, appears in yellow, black, brown and red. Most of its body is yellow. Pikachu is likely to be familiar to everyone, even if you are unfamiliar with Pokémon. The yellow Pokémon, by far the most popular, is considered the mascot in the anime world and is more famous than some Hollywood stars.


Pikachu was designed by the Japanese graphic artist Atsuko Nishida. A squirrel served as inspiration for the little Pokémon with the electric type. Nishida adopted some of the characteristics of squirrels like the cheek pouches and long tail to customize Pikachu to their liking. Due to its electrical properties, the tail was shaped into a lightning bolt.

Pikachu cuddly toy

The name Pikachu

The Japanese words Pika (sparkle) and Chu (mouse beep) combine to give the name of the world-famous Pokémon.

Pikachu's name is pronounced the same in every language and is spoken worldwide by the same voice actress Ikue Otani in the anime.

Attacks and abilities

As an electric type Pokémon, Pikachu mainly uses attacks like the thunderbolt, where it can discharge the electricity stored in the body. The Pokémon prefers to attack physically by whipping the opponent with its tail or using its body to ram.

Pikachu figures

Pikachu in the real world

The small, yellow Pokémon not only appears in the fictional world in the game or in animes, but also finds its way into reality.

The Pikachurin

In Osaka, Japan, a newly discovered protein was named after the famous Pokémon. A role in movement vision is ascribed to the pikachurin.

Pikachu bus

In the USA, a school bus was painted yellow, converted and dedicated to the yellow Pokémon. This is how the Pikachu bus came into being.


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