Pokémon Community Day on September 19, 2021

It's finally that time again. The starting signal for Pokémon Community Day September will be given on September 19, 2021 at 11 a.m. and you can already be excited because there will be many specials and discounts again.

Thanks to augmented reality, Pokémon GO has kept its promise to become a Pokémon trainer with the app since the summer of 2016. This allows millions of people to take part in this special event with their smartphones, to hunt and catch pocket monsters in order to then train them themselves.

This interaction in the real world and with other people, as well as the cult around the Pokémon, which has been coveted for decades and the collecting fever that fascinates everyone, makes Pokémon GO a real mass phenomenon. 


The Pokémon GO Community Day in general

Pokémon GO celebrates a Community Day once a month. The last event with Evoli just ended.

These events are particularly popular, as selected Pokémon can be found more often and the chances of getting Shinys increase significantly during the event.

Only for these few hours can you encounter a special Pokémon in the wild. In order to earn some more bonuses for Community Day, there is also the possibility during this time to make a previously unavailable move for this Pokémon and thus influence its further development.


Pokémon GO September 2021


Become part of the special Pokémon GO community

At Pokémon GO Community Day in September Ottaro, the Otter Pokémon, be the official Pokémon for this event and provide the desired cooling. In addition, there will be some other interesting content, including a special attack. If you develop Ottaro to Zwottronin during the event, Admurai can learn the charge attack Aqua Dove. This is still possible two hours after the event has ended.

Admurai can also learn the Lime Blade Charged Attack. You can even keep them when the event is over. Also worth mentioning is the XP bonus, which is higher during the event.

What is already known about the official Pokémon Community Day, there are three times the number of experience points when catching the Pokémon.

Ottaro, the Otter Pokémon, can be attracted by rain-lure modules and usually appears in the wild. These lock modules as well as the smoke last for a full three hours during the event.


Shiny Ottaro for Community Day in September 

If you're lucky, you might even come across a dazzling specimen, the Shiny Ottaro. In the in-game shop of Pokémon GO you can buy the Community Day box during the event with the appropriate number of coins, namely 1280. It includes 50 poke ball Hyperballs, 5 lucky eggs, 5 rain-lock modules and a Top-Instant-TM.


Ottaro Pokemon September 2021


More Pokémon Community Day perks in September

You can also buy the “From Shell to Long Sword” ticket in the shop for around € 1, with which you can activate special research for Community Day. This is rewarded with a rain lure module and Pokémon encounters. There are Ottaro stickers when turning PokéStops or opening gifts. The turning of By the way, PokéStops and catches Pokemon st with the Pokemon Go Plus much easier.

Snapshots can still be taken during the event, as encounters with Ottaro are to be expected.

In the social media channels you can use the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay to share all the new and interesting experiences during Pokémon GO Community Day.

The event ends on the same day at 17 p.m.

Celebrate with us and see what exactly it means to be part of the Pokémon GO community.