Catch Pokémon with the Pokémon GO Plus

Pokémon GO Plus is a device that can be purchased separately from the Pokémon GO game and serves as an extension of the app. The gadget allows the player to catch Pokémon without looking at the screen.

All you need is that Pokémon GO Plus Autocatch Put the device in your pocket or on your wrist and you're ready to go. But how does the Pokémon GO Plus work? How can I catch Pokémon with the Pokémon GO Plus? We answer these questions for you in this article.


Pokemon Go Plus


This is how it works Pokémon GO Plus

Setting up the Pokémon GO Plus is quick and easy and all the necessary steps are displayed directly in the Pokémon GO app. If the Pokémon GO Plus gadget is connected to your smartphone, you can start right away. Your cell phone can stay in your pocket from now on. The Pokémon GO Plus Gadget takes on the most important functions such as:

  • Catch Pokémon

  • Collect items

  • Track kilometers and hatch eggs

Catch Pokémon with the Pokémon GO Plus

If you come near a Pokémon with the activated Pokémon GO Plus, the gadget vibrates and the LED flashes. The LED appears green if the Pokémon is already known and appears yellow if it has not yet been included in the Pokédex.

If you now press the button of the Pokémon GO Plus, a Poké Ball thrown and always hits the Pokémon. Throwing bonuses or a better one Poké Ball than the standard Poké Ball, however, cannot be used.


Pokemon Go Plus with Autocatch and USB

If the LED flashes colorfully, you have successfully caught the Pokémon. However, if the Pokémon was able to escape, a short vibration signals that the catching process has been aborted and the LED lights up red.

Note that you don't get a second chance to capture the Pokémon. Rare, valuable Pokémon can slip away from you. If the LED on the Pokémon GO Plus lights up yellow, you'd better get your smartphone out to avoid losing a rare Pokémon.


Collect items at Pokéstops

Collecting items at Pokéstop works like catching Pokémon. When you approach a Pokéstop, the Pokémon GO Plus starts vibrating and lights up blue. If you now press the button, items will be collected. If the Pokéstop is out of range, the LED lights up red.


Track steps with the Pokémon GO Plus Smartwatch

The Pokémon GO Plus Gadget is ideal for hatching eggs and collecting candy. Thanks to the Pokémon GO Plus, the smartphone app no ​​longer has to be active in the foreground to count steps. This saves battery life. Unfortunately, the Pokémon GO Plus Gadget does not provide any information about hatched eggs or buddy candies.



    At the end... Pokémon GO Plus worthwhile for active players

    If you invest a lot of time in Pokémon GO, the Pokémon GO Plus Gadget is just right for you and is definitely worth it. The gadget makes it easier for you to catch more common Pokémon and especially to hatch eggs. The functions are simple, the gadget itself is very small and light and in the end, thanks to the Pokémon GO Plus, you save a lot of battery on the go and don't have to keep your attention on the screen of your smartphone all the time.


    Pokemon Go Plus