Pokémon Go: All the tricks and names for Eevee developments

How one Felinara, folipurba, glaciola and other Evoli Easily manage developments.

In the game Pokémon Go there is now the ninth and final form of the development of the Pokemon Eevee. Her name is Felinara and there are different options like her this and the other seven Glaziola, Folipurba, Psiana, Night macaw, blizzard, AquanaOr flamara can develop. At first glance, it seems like which Pokemon are left to chance Eevee / Eevee developed, but you can also influence the development.


There are three tricks that you can use:

The Name trick, Lock modules or with the Buddy trick. We explain to you exactly what you have to do to get exactly the monsters you want.

Eevee and its developments 

Eevee - The name trick:

If you want to specifically determine an Eevee development in order to get a Feelinara, Glaziola, Folipurba, Psiana, Nachtara, Blitza, Aquana, Flamara, we recommend the name trick. The method is simple because you just have to change the name of your Eevee to a nickname and then you can develop it further in the new Pokémon.

Important: The name trick can only be used once for each of the eight evolutionary forms. After that you have to use a different method.


Here is a list of the nicknames you will need for the developments:

kira,                Evoli zu Felinara   

linnea,             Eevee too folipurba

Sale                 Eevee too glaciola

Tamao             Eevee too Night macaw

Sakura             Eevee too Psiana

Pyro                Eevee too flamara

Rainer             Eevee too Aquana

Sparky             Eevee too blizzard


Evee developments


In the Pokémon overview you have to select your Eevee / Eevee and click on the pencil symbol next to the name to start the development. Now you can enter the nickname and confirm it. Now check very carefully whether the correct image with the further developed form also appears on the development button. To be completely sure, you can close the app and restart it then you can see whether the name change was successful. If everything is correct, you can rush to start the development. It's best to use your strongest monster for development. Because the stronger the starting monster, the better the further development.

Since you can only use the name trick once, the following developments are left to chance. However, for each form there is also a different method by which you can evolve. We describe these here;


Nachtara and all further developments

How to use the buddy trick and hearts, Eevee / Eevee to develop into Feelinara, Nachtara and Psiana

The name string can only be used once per shape. But what can you do if you want to have several Feelinaras, Psianas and Night Macaws in your collection? There is a method how you can perform an unlimited number of targeted evolutions. In Pokémon Go this works with the buddy trick and the hearts and the time of day also plays a role.


This is how it works: Develop Eevee / Evoli into Feelinara with the buddy trick

  • Designate Pokémon as Buddy Pokémon
  • You have to earn 70 buddy hearts, for example by reeling off kilometers, feeding your Pokémon berries or Knursp, playing with it, taking a snapshot, fighting or doing other activities.
  • When your buddy has reached the super buddy level, you can start the evolution to Feelinara. For this you need 25 candies.


Night macaw


Develop Evoli / Eevee into Nachtara and Psiana with the buddy trick

  • Designate Pokémon as Buddy Pokémon
  • Run 10,1 km with your buddy to get 2 candies
  • Start the evolution from the buddy menu.

Important: During the day it is transformed into a psiana, at night it becomes a night macaw (25 candies).


The third method that is available to you for the development of Eevee is the lock module method.



The Lockmodul Method: This is how you develop Glaziola and Folipurba

With the Lockmodul method you can develop an unlimited number of Evolis into Glaziola and Folipurba. All you need is a glacier lock module or a moss lock module. They have been available in the in-game shop for 2019 coins since 200.

With this development method it is important that the correct lock module is used for the desired shape. With a PokeStop you can then activate the lock module, turn the photo disc and further develop your Eevee in a targeted manner. As with the buddy trick, 25 pieces of candy are required.



You need these lock modules:

  • Um Eevee to Folipurba to develop activated one Moss-lock module
  • Um Eevee to Glaziola to develop activated one Glacier lock module


If you don't want to use your own lock module, you can also stand at a Pokestop and wait until another player has activated a corresponding module. If you are close enough you can activate the right module for your desired shape.

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