Pokemon Unite: Everything about the new Pokemon game!

After the great success of Pokemon Go are PikachuCharizard, Relaxo and Co back again. Nintendo released the first strategic 5v5 team fighting game in the Pokemon universe - Pokemon Unite. Pokemon Unite has been available free of charge for the Switch since the end of July, and the game will also be available in the app stores in autumn.

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With the first MOBA, like Dota or League of Legends, Nintendo is breaking new ground. 23 different pocket monsters, skins and items are waiting to be discovered. Everything about the new Pokemon game can be found in this post.

Let the battles on the island begin with Pokemon Unite

Welcome to the arena, welcome to Aeos Island! This is where the entire game takes place. Thanks to special energies, the Pokemon on Aeos Island are stronger than in other places in the world. That pulls them Pokemon trainer with their Pokemon on the island. Equipped with increased skills, the trainers let their Pokemon compete against the opposing team in exciting 5-on-5 battles.

Who can get the most points in a set time? Who is the strongest fighter on the field and who is the strongest team? Each player only controls one Pokemon, team spirit counts in Unite battles. As a player, you have the choice between five different types of combat. Defenders, attackers, supporters, sprinters and all-rounders are available to choose from. Choose smart and help your team win.

All Pokemon in battle have the opportunity to level up. To do this, defeat wild Pokemon, collect Aeos energy and strategically attack the opposing points zone.
Pokemon Unite requires a strong team and good teamwork, then victory is not far off!

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The new point system at Pokemon Unite

The aim of every match is to collect as much Aeos energy as possible. For this purpose, for example, the opposing Pokemon and wild Pokemon have to be eliminated. But be careful: In the new points system, the points collected must be returned to the points zones before the game is over. If you don't do that, you won't get any points. If your own Pokemon is eliminated by the opponent, half of the points collected are lost and you have to heal and suspend for a short time.

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The main features of the new Pokemon game

Here are the main features of Pokemon Unite briefly summarized for you:

-> The new ranking list:
Show your strengths! You can show what you can do through rank fights. Climb the global leaderboard and fight against the best of the best.

-> Compatible across platforms:
Whether on the Nintendo Switch or on the compatible smartphone, you can play against coaches all over the world. Do you have a switch and a smartphone? Thanks to the Nintendo account, game progress can be synchronized from both devices and it does not matter which device you continue to play on!

-> New Unite attacks:
Do you have your back to the wall? The new Unite attacks unleash the full power of the Pokemon. Use the new attacks exclusively in Unite battles, maybe you can turn the tide again thanks to their help?

-> Strong team communication:
At Pokemon Unite, communication is what counts. Nintendo understood that too. In addition to signals and chats, there is now finally also a voice chat on the platform for exchange. This makes communication the key to overall team success.

-> Chic holowear with style:
As a Trainer you can now customize your Pokemon even further. Equip him with a wide selection of holographic suits and outfits. With the matching stylish holowear, the Pokemon comes into its own in battle.

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