Everything about Relaxo Snorlax - lazy but robust

Pokémon, actually Pokéto Monsatu, have been delighting the world since 1996. Translated, this means Pocket Monster, and the colorful gang is no longer just for children. Although they've been around for 25 years, schools still use them Pokemon cards exchanged, and new games are constantly being released for different consoles, which keep all Pokémon fans entertained and provide new adventures.

We deal here in detail with the cozy, thick relax, who makes you smile with his big appetite and his laziness, but can be a real asset for every trainer and gamer with his robustness. Feel free to convince yourself.

So look relax from

This massive Pokémon the first generation is a normal Pokémon and can hardly be confused visually. It is large and stout, with a beige belly, face and feet that are also beige. The undersides of its feet are brown, and it has three sharp, white claws on each foot. These are also present on the hands. The rest of its body is blue-black.

This is what Relaxo looks like

The oval head is crowned by two broad blue and black ears, and sits on the very round body. has on the forehead relax a V-shaped drawing, the big eyes are always closed, but the mouth is open all the more often. This one is just as large, and is characterized by two large canine teeth.

relaxos Living Space

Actually that's alive relax in mountains and forests, but it is also often found near people. Especially since it tends to fall asleep suddenly and then block paths or places that people are passing. Along with eating, sleeping is one of the main occupations of this Pokémon. It is an outspoken omnivore and has no problem eating spoiled food.

The bigger it gets, the more it eats and sleeps. One needs up to 400kg of food relax during the day. Once it has satisfied its hunger, it falls asleep. Deep asleep, it has no problem with children playing on its stomach. Due to its size, it hardly has any natural enemies, and it is also rather peace-loving.

The Pokemon can do that

Although Snorlax sounds primarily like a relatively phlegmatic and useless Pokémon, it has very useful and good abilities. Not only a high KP value, as well as a high value in the special defense, but also the very useful ability "Bacon Layer", make Relaxo robust and a good fighter. Also the immunity poisoning is very helpful. The active attacks, however, are very limited with the only one: snoring.

Laughing Relaxo

It is also unable to learn more special moves. But it can learn many type normal offensive attacks, which are very effective due to the massive body. These include, for example, attacks such as the body slam or tackle. When attacked, it can break through such strong defenses, but has little protection in close combat. It can also use a Z-Move while carrying the Z-Crystal.

This is how it behaves relax

As mentioned, eating and sleeping are among the main activities of the Relaxo. Consequently, of course, also the procurement of food, although this is rather unproblematic, since this Pokémon really eats everything and, if necessary, could even simply feed on earth. However, in order not to have to share its food, the Snorlax is a loner and does not interact with other Pokémon.

It is said to be extremely lethargic, especially if it has just eaten. The habit of suddenly falling asleep is well known. Trapped, it only sleeps in the poke ball, and this is the best way to recharge its energy reserves. Asleep and with a full stomach, it is considered to be extremely peaceful and relaxed.

Possible developments of Relaxo

Snorlax is the base form of this Pokémon. Specially bred, this developmental line has a baby form called Munch fax. In order to obtain this, however, at least one parent in breeding must carry the item lame smoke. If this doesn't work, a Relaxo hatches directly from the egg. By the way, Munchfax develops automatically the next time you level up if there is enough friendship with the trainer.

Relaxo in the wild

In gigadynamic maximization Relaxo only learned in the 8th generation. When this happens, a landscape grows on its belly. This consists of a meadow, a tree, pink flowers and a path. It's no surprise that with this easy-going Pokemon, gigadynamic maxing isn't any more spectacular either.

Games and trainers of the Pokemon

Snorlax can be found in games of all 8 Pokémon generations, and not too rarely. As a Pokémon of the first generation, it is of course well known, and due to its special sleeping habits, it can often be found in the middle of paths and fields, or can be traded.

Snorlax Snorlax

Due to the long existence of this Pokémon, there are of course quite a few famous trainers who have a Snorlax in their team. Especially the trainer and fighting legend Rot, often works with a Relaxo. But Anabel, Barry, Kukui and Hop also often work with this Pokémon.

Stats, weaknesses and items

relax has the following status values,

  • Power Points 160
  • attack 110
  • defense 65
  • Special Attack 65
  • Special Defense 110
  • initiative 30

And with that, a total base value of 540. By the way, it has the third-highest base HP of all normal Pokémon. The biggest weakness, however, is in combat, where the damage to a Snorlax is multiplied by 2. Ghost, on the other hand, cannot harm him. Fire and Ice can only do half the damage if the Pokémon has Fat Layer.

A wild Snorlax can carry Leftovers, a Tsitru Berry, or a Chestnut Berry as an item. The first generation Relaxo does not carry any items in the first generation games.

Relaxo in anime and manga

Relaxo appears in the anime for the first time in the episode "Relaxo in Deep Sleep", where it sleeps in the middle of a spring, which causes a whole village to run out of water. Ash and friends wake it up with the help of an old hippie and his Poké Flute.

In the manga, Red captures a Relaxo on Route 12, and it's been a permanent member of the team ever since.

Conclusion on this Pokemon

Although very phlegmatic and thick, the Snorlax is a relatively popular Pokémon due to its robustness and massiveness. In addition, its love of eating and sleeping always makes you smile, and it is very uncomplicated and frugal.