What can you expect from the Pokémon Go trading card event?

Events are always great, and this summer Pokemon Go has a lot of them. The next event that awaits you is the Pokémon Go trading card event. Of course, you can find out from us what exactly awaits you at this event and when the event will take place.


What is the Pokémon Go trading card event all about?

The Pokémon Go Trading Card Event is a corossover event with the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The event starts on Thursday, June 16.06.2022th, XNUMX. Of 10 pm your local time you can now until 30.06. at 20 p.m participate in the event at the respective local time. This means that you can start or stop at the times that apply there, even on vacation.

Collector tasks, two new Pokémon and changed spawns await you. If you're lucky, you'll even catch a Meltan as Shiny during the event. Find out what you can look forward to in this post.


Two new Pokémon await you

Strictly speaking, you are actually expecting a new Pokémon and its further development. Of course, success does not just fall out of the sky and you have to make a lot of effort to be able to carry out the further development. But of course the fun of the game really gets going with special challenges.

The new Pokemon is called "rice louse' and is a 7th generation Pokémon. Rice Louse is a Water-type and Bug-type Pokémon. Its further development is called "Tectass' and is assigned to the same category. But with Tectass the challenge begins, because it is not so easy to get. If you want to develop Rice Louse into Tectass, you need a whopping 400 Rice Louse candies.


Not a new Pokémon, but a Pikachu in a new costume should please many trainers. This time, the cute mascot is wearing a cap with the theme of the trading card game.


You can also look forward to Meltan in the Shiny Version

Do you know Meltan? Meltan is available as an event special in the shiny version, so you can also develop the further development of Melmetal as a shiny. You can only get this Pokémon in a special way, namely via the Wunderbox. If your Pokémon are transferred from Pokémon Go to "Pokémon HOME", you will receive the Miracle Box. Another way to get this special box is to transfer the Pokémon to Let's Go players on the Nintendo Switch.

The Wunderbox can also only be opened after a timer has expired. However, according to current information, this will take significantly less time during the event period.


Mewtwo and new spawns await you as well

who like one Mewtwo if you are lucky, you can expect one thing. In addition to rice louse, you can also get Mewtwo in the raids. So for a period of two weeks you have the chance to get one of the strongest attackers in the game. In the period between 16.06. and the 23.06. the Pokémon can use the Spook Ball Charged Attack. Do you get Mewtwo between 23.06. and 30.06/XNUMX, then the charge attack is psycho blast.


What Pokémon do you meet in the wild? 

Rarely you meet:

You will also meet Solrock and Lunastein worldwide.

We hope you enjoy the Pokémon Go trading card game event.