Garados Gyarados 3D LED Nachtlicht Pokémon Lampe kaufen

Gyarados Gyarados 3D LED Night Light Pokémon Lamp

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The Pokémon Gyarados is incredibly destructive and absolutely unpredictable. With its power, it can even reduce cities to rubble. If it shows up, it riots. It only calms down when it has destroyed everything around it.
How good that you don't have a living Gyarados here, but a Gyarados hologram that lights up the night for you as a cool 3D LED lamp.

You can light up the hologram in seven different colors and control them using the touch function or remote control. You can also put the Pokémon night light wherever you want, because you don't need a power connection. The night lamp is powered either by batteries (which are not included in the scope of delivery) or by your USB cable. 

  • Material: ABS plastic and acrylic
  • LED lifespan: 10.000 hours
  • Power: Batteries or USB