You can look forward to these Pokémon Go events in September

A number of special Pokémon Go events await you in September, which are definitely worth attending. For example, you can join us on a Community Day Ottaro look forward to 5 exciting raid hours.  

Just in time for the beginning of the new month, the developers of Pokémon Go have published the events for September. Of course, we would like to tell you exclusively about what awaits you in Pokémon Go in the next month. In this article we will tell you all about the upcoming events. 

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These events are waiting for you!

The joke season begins on September 1st and lasts until December 1st. You won't meet the rocket boss Giovanni this time of year. You can look forward to many different, exciting events in September. We would like to tell you what these are in the following:


September 1th to October 1rd

Research breakthrough with Ditto

1 September

Raid hour Lugia

September 1st to September 14th

Meet Lugia in the level 5 raids

September 1st to September 14th

Encounter megaLame in the mega raids

5 September

"Hoopa Arrival “event

7 September

Meet Spoink in the limelight lesson and receive valuable stardust

8 September

Raid hour Lugia

September 8st to September 13th

Psychological spectacle

until September 13th

PvP: Superleague and Hyperleague Remix are active

14 September

Meet Puppance in the spotlight hour and collect XP bonuses

September 14th to October 1rd

Catch Vesprit in Europe, Selfe in Asia-Pacific and Tobutz in America and Greenland in level 5 raids

September 14th to October 1rd

Encounter megaDog monkey in the mega raids

15 September

Raid hour with Vesprit in Europe, Selfe in Asia-Pacific and Tobutz in America and Greenland

19 September

Take part in Community Day with Ottaro

21 September

Meet Eneco in the spotlight hour and receive a candy bonus

September 21st to September 28th

Fashion Week

22 September

Catch Vesprit in Europe, Selfe in Asia-Pacific and Tobutz in America and Greenland in raid hour

27. to 11. October

PvP: Master League, Master League Classic and Mini Jungle Cup are active

28 September

Catch the AlolaMeowth in the spotlight hour and get a candy bonus

29 September

Catch Vesprit in Europe, Selfe in Asia-Pacific and Tobutz in America and Greenland in raid hour



You shouldn't miss these events

As you can see, you can look forward to a particularly large number of exciting events in September. But there are some events that you definitely shouldn't miss. We would now like to describe these to you in more detail.



The research breakthrough with Ditto from September 1st to October 1st

Within this event you can Ditto encounter in its dazzling form. Ditto is a normal-type Pokémon that has existed since the 1st generation of the game. Ditto cannot carry out any attacks himself. Instead, it can transform itself into another Pokémon and thus take over its attacks, strengths and abilities, but also its weaknesses.

In addition, thanks to his flexible physique, it is not possible to paralyze Ditto. Some ditto can also transform themselves into their opponent right at the beginning of a fight, which gives them an enormous advantage.

In the game Pokémon Go can Ditto cannot be found in its usual form. Instead, it just appears in the form of a transformed Pokémon. You can find it in the form of the Johto Pokémon Hoothoot, Webarak, Hoppspross and Remoraid, in the form of the Hoenn Pokémon Schluppuck and Camaub and in the forms of the Einal Pokémon Felilou and Tarnpignon.

Only once you've caught the Pokémon will you find out if it's a Ditto.


Spotlight hour with Spoink on September 7th

You shouldn't miss this event either. On September 7th, in addition to catching Spoink, you can also get Double Stardust. Spoink is a small, gray and pink colored Pokémon that is very reminiscent of a pig. It has two short arms and a pig nose on its face. Instead of hind legs, however, it only has a long tail with which it moves. Its tail is reminiscent of a spring.




Spoink is a Normal-type Pokémon that has existed since the 3rd generation of the game. It is also the basic form of its further development, Groink. But even if you are not interested in this relatively fast Pokémon, it is still worthwhile for you to take part in the spotlight lesson with Spoink.

Because if you also use smoke and pieces of stars, you can farm quite a bit of stardust during the event. Stardust is one of the most precious currencies in the game. So don't miss this chance!

Stardust Pokemon


The raids with the legendary Pokémon Vesprit, Selfe and Tobutz from September 14th to October 1st

During this period you have the unique opportunity to meet and catch the legendary lakes trio in the level 5 raids in their dazzling form. However, you should keep in mind that these are regional raids. Vesprit can be found in Europe, Selfe can be found in Asia-Pacific and Tobutz can be found in America and Greenland.

So that you can meet all three of the legendary Pokémon, you have to be invited abroad by your friends. You can use your remote raid passes for this.


Selfe, Vesprit, and Tobutz are three legendary Psycho-type Pokémon created by Arceus were personally created at the beginning of the Pokémon world. They play an important role in the creation story of the entire world of Pokémon. It is therefore not surprising that they play a central role in the regional myths of the Sinnoh region.

Selfe is considered to be the "knowing being". Supposedly, it should be able to solve people's problems. For this reason, it is revered among the residents of the Sinnoh region. However, if you look the legendary Pokémon straight in the eye, it is said to be able to erase your memories.



Vesprit is revered as the "sentient being" who gave people the feelings of sadness, pain and joy. Legend has it that if you touch the Pokémon without their consent, it will wipe out your feelings.

The last member of the lakes trio, Tobutz, the "strong being" gave people strong hearts so that they could defy all conceivable needs. However, anyone who inflicts pain on Tobutz would lapse into eternal rigidity within 5 days.



Don't miss any of the next Pokémon Go events

So you see, it can be worthwhile to take part in the next Pokémon Go events. Even if you've already caught some of the Pokémon, there are still many more great surprises waiting for you!