Pokemon Go Plus Guide and FAQ

Real fans of Pokémon get with the Pokémon Go Plus an even better gaming experience and won't miss anything in the future. This is a small device that guarantees even more fun and can be easily connected to the smartphone. We have summarized here exactly how this works and what else the small device can do.

  1. Pokémon Go Plus

With the small device, you can easily get a notification when you are out and about if Pokémon or PokéStops are to be found nearby. The device is equipped with a light which then starts to shine and the device also starts to vibrate.

Especially nice, because you can't miss any Pokémon without ever having to look at the screen. The light signals with different colors which action it is about, the light signal is amplified by vibrations. This is how you can react immediately:

  • Green: All Pokémon that have already been caught are displayed like this. The Pokémon can be caught with the function button.
  • Yellow: All Pokémon that have not yet been caught are shown like this. The Pokémon can be caught with the function button.
  • multicolored: If a catch is successful, the Pokémon Go Plus glows in multiple colors. In the diary you can then see which Pokémons have been caught.
  • Red: All Pokémon that escaped are shown like this. You can then look in the diary to see which Pokémon have escaped.
  • Blue: The Pokémon Go Plus lights up blue when near a PokéStop. The function button can then be used to search for objects. If successful, it is also signaled with multi-colored flashing, if the PokéStop is out of range, the Pokémon Go Plus lights up red.
  • White: In the case of a PokéStop, a flashing white signal indicates that nothing can be collected because the bag is full. When trying to catch a Pokémon, white flashing can also occur, because whenever there is an attempt to escape.

The Pokémon Go Plus can be easily connected to a smartphone or tablet. In addition to the display of Pokémon and the PokéStops, it offers other advantages.

  • Connect Pokémon Go Plus

To establish a connection, the settings must first be opened via the Pokémon Go app. The item Pokémon Go Plus can then be selected here. Select this and then press the function button of the device. Next, the device must be selected from the list of available devices.

If the connection is successful, the device begins to vibrate. If it is now white, the device is not paired, if it is blue, the device is paired but not connected.

If there is a permanent red glow, there are problems. In this case, it should be checked that the connection is correct, the bag is full or there are no more Poké Balls.

  • Reconnect

It can happen that the device loses the connection to the smartphone. In this case, the connection can be re-established via the map view. If the device is not displayed on the map, the pairing must be carried out again.

  • Pokémon Go Plus other activities

It is important that the Pokémon Go app on the smartphone must be activated in the background, then the Pokémon Go Plus will notify you even if the screen is not active. All activities can be read in the app's diary, where the last 50 activities are displayed.

  • It is also particularly nice when the device is connected, all the distances that are covered with the display switched off also count. This includes these for scalding eggs and receiving candy with the Buddy Pokemon.
  • The notifications can also be deactivated in the menu, so that attention is no longer drawn to the Pokémons and PokéStops, but the distances are still taken into account.
  1. How do I solve problems with Pokémon Go Plus?

If you want to connect your Pokemon Go Plus to another mobile device, you must first unpair the current device.

  • Decouple

To do this, press the function button once, then it lights up blue and shows the coupling.

Wait until the light goes out and then press and hold the function button for 5 seconds until the light glows blue continuously. Only then release the button. Repeat the process, then the device vibrates and the pairing is canceled.


              But there can also be other problems with the device:

  • The LED does not light up:

In this case the battery should be checked first. It may be that this is not inserted correctly, simply remove it, wait a moment and then reinsert it. If this does not help either, a new battery may have to be installed.

  1. Pokémon Go Plus and Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home is a cloud that makes it possible to collect all Pokémons. All mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch can be linked. However, it is not possible to transfer Pokémon from Home to Go, only a transfer can take place from Go to Home.

  • How can Pokémon Go be linked to Pokémon Home?

In order to link the two accounts, the Poké ball symbol must be activated via the Go app. Then select Settings and tap on Pokémon Home. The next step is to log in using your own Nintendo account.

Once the link is complete, all information about Pokémon Home will be displayed in the menu item of the same name.

  • How do I move Pokémon from Go to Home?

For the transfer, the corresponding Pokémons must be selected in the Pokémon Go app with the Go transporter. Energy is required for this, how much that is differs depending on the Pokémon, the amount is displayed with the selection of the respective Pokémon.

  • Can all Pokémon be transferred?

Not all Pokémon can be transferred to the home cloud. Only those that are displayed in the transporter can be transferred. It is also important that Lucky and Revenue Pokémon lose their status when they are transferred.

  1. Pokémon Go and the Nintendo Switch

Coupling Pokémon Go with the Nintendo Switch has many advantages. There are additional GO candies and redemption points, which then activate the wonder box.

  1. The wonder box

The wonder box is a special tool. This can be used to catch the Meltan Pokémon. The wonder box can only be activated if Pokémon is transferred to Pokémon Home or to Let's go Pikachu or Let's go Eevee. The wonder box can be activated every 3 days with retransmissions.