Pokemon Go Plus

What is Pokemon Go Plus?

Find out the latest information and updates for 2021 about the little Pokemon Go helper.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a small but nice gadget, which is supposed to make the life of Pokemon trainers in the game Pokemon Go easier. It helps catch Pokemon - and it's really easy. Because there is only one button to press to turn Pokestops and catch Pokemon.

Fortunately, the small tool is kept very compact and fits in every pocket. There is also the option of wearing it with a bracelet - similar to a wristwatch.

Pokemon Go Plus 


What can Pokemon Go Plus do?

The little gadget helps catch Pokemon. Either at the push of a button or, with newer versions, automatically with the practical autocatch function.

In addition, you can get eggs, pokeballs and other items without having to use the mobile phone.


Can the Pokemon Go Plus also autocatch?

A question that concerns many aspiring and experienced Pokemon Go trainers is how to activate or use Autocatch. Here you have to know that there are different versions of the Pokemon Go Plus.

Some offer the popular and convenient autocatch function - this makes catching Pokemon even easier. You can safely save yourself having to constantly look at your cell phone.

In our opinion, anyone who wants to buy a new Go Plus should choose the Autocatch variant. 

Pokemon Go Plus auto catch


What does Pokemon Go Plus cost?

Prices vary depending on the provider and version. We have them in the PKM Poke Store normal variant for 24,99 EUR. Those who want it a little more comfortable can access the Autocatch version for 39,99 EUR fall back on. 


Connection problems with the Pokemon Go Plus

A problem that unfortunately occurs from time to time is the connection between the smartphone and the Pokemon Go Plus being broken or not being established. Even if it doesn't happen often, it's of course annoying. The connection problems also differ from cell phone to cell phone model. If the problem cannot be solved, the Go Plus must be reset. There is a small button on the back which has to be pressed.


Pokemon Go Plus Instructions

Instructions for troubleshooting the Pokemon Go Plus (e.g. connection problems) can be found e.g. B. on the side of Niantic. We also have a general one here Instructions and FAQ for the Pokemon Go Plus erstellt 


Pokemon Go Plus - is it worth it?

That depends on the personal situation. If you still play Pokemon Go regularly, catch Pokemon and have fun with the trainer, the Pokemon Go Plus is definitely an interesting helper.

The Autocatch version in particular is also worthwhile for casual gamers, as the constant and sometimes annoying glance at the smartphone is no longer necessary.