Pokémon Go Plus, a practical companion for every Pokémon Go player

In contrast to other games, the Pokemon community is still very large. Niantic has managed to build a strong community through constant updates and events. With the new updates that appeared too Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, which has an extremely practical feature.

The features of the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet



Pokemon Go PlusThe bracelet with the Poké Ball has a button in the middle, which is equipped with an LED. If the bracelet has been successfully connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and recognized in the Pokémon Go app, you can actually start. If you move through the city and a Pokémon is nearby, the bracelet vibrates and the LED lights up. By pressing the button, the bracelet tries to catch the Pokémon without you having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. If a Pokéstop is nearby, the bracelet will also vibrate, but in a different color. So you can see directly whether it is a Pokémon or a Pokéstop. Turning the Pokéstop also works again by pressing the button in the middle.

In addition to all the advantages that the Go Plus bracelet offers to catch Pokémon, it also has small weak points. Whenever a Pokémon appears, the bracelet always throws a normal Poké Ball. It is not possible to switch to superballs or hyperballs. In addition, the Poké Ball is always thrown straight, i.e. no curveball is used to catch the Pokémon. If the Pokémon is not inside after the first throw, it is not possible to make a second throw using the bracelet.

Go Plus with auto catch functionDespite this, the Go Plus bracelet is a "must have" for every ambitious Pokémon Go player. Especially when driving a car, you can use it to make stops without being distracted. Another argument for buying a Go Plus bracelet is the extended battery life of the smartphone. The fact that the display is not on all the time can save a lot of battery life. This means that longer sessions are also possible without a power bank.

Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch - The good alternative to the normal bracelet

Pokemon Go Plus smart watchIn addition to the normal Pokemon Go Plus, there is also a bracelet with an auto catch function. Yes, you heard that right: the Pokemon are automatically caught here. So you can save yourself the constant look at the smartphone. The Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch is available in two variants. On the one hand in the form based on the normal Go Plus and on the other hand as a new edition in the current smartwatch look. Apart from the different shape, there is no difference in functions. Both bracelets are the ideal companion for all poke trainers and those who want to become one.