Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day is just around the corner

Evoli and his own Community Day

The Pokémon Eevee is one of the oldest Pokémon from the first generation of games. It is a four-legged, brown-fur, and small-sized Pokémon. It also has a very bushy tail, the tip of which, like the fur collar, is cream-colored. Eevee has slender legs with small paws.

Pokemon Go Community Day

What makes Eevee special is that it can go through the most intricate evolution. Eevee can transform into up to eight different Pokémon. In its normal state, it is of the Normal type, but this changes as it evolves into another Pokémon. As a normal type, Eevee can make the usual defensive and offensive attacks. These include, for example, tacklers, rod blowers and howlers. Eevee is rarely seen in the wild. As a rule, the Pokémon is given more in the form of a gift. If you meet it in the wild, it is most likely in meadows or fields near cities.

Soon gets Evoli finally dedicated to a Community Day. So all trainers can look forward to further Evolis and its further developments!


Special features on the Eevee weekend

In August everything is dedicated to this Pokémon Eevee. A lot of special features await the trainers on the occasion of the celebrations for Community Day. From Friday, August 13, 2021 at 19 p.m. CEST to Monday, August 16, 2021 at 19 p.m. CEST, trainers expect a special attack that Eevee learns when it comes to further development. Aquana receives the attack boiling water, blizzard can flash cannon, flamara learns power colossus, Psiana can learn haunted ball, Night macaw Psychokinesis, folipurba learns bullet seed, glaciola can aqua wave and Felinara Psychological shock. Likewise, all Eevee caught and hatched can take refuge during this period.

Eevee developments

In addition, Eevee can become Feelinara much faster. Fewer hearts are needed during this period, namely only seven instead of 70 hearts. If you carry out a temporary research from Friday to Monday, you will also receive a moss-lock module and a glacier module!

Another highlight during Community Day are the stickers from Eevee and its corresponding developments. The stickers for normal Eevee are available in the shop, in gifts and in PokéStops. The stickers from the further developments of Eevee are only available in the shop. There is also a Community Day box in the shop that can be bought for 1280 poke coins. It contains 50 Poke balls Hyperballs, 5 times smoke, a Top-Sofort-TM and a Top-Laden TM.


Eevee with poke ball

Eevee Community Day

Community Day will then take place on the weekend of August 14 and 15, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. (local time). This weekend there are some special features to celebrate the Pokémon Eevee in style. For example, Eevee appears more often in the area and sometimes even the dazzling variant of the Pokémon.

You should also take some pictures within this time, as there may be a reward for snapshots.

Other special features are that eggs hatch four times as quickly, smoke and lure modules even last for three hours. This allows you to use your full potential as a trainer Evoli Make the most of Community Day! By the way, you can get special research for one euro. It's called "The choice is yours!"

Eevee Community Day on August 14th and 15th, 2021