The Pokémon Go events for the month of July

As we announced earlier, this Pokémon Go summer is packed with great events, adventures, and exciting surprises. Here we offer you an overview of what awaits you in July. Of course, you can also read all about the expected bonuses in this post.

Get ready for the live events, the themed events, the Pokémon Go Fest in Berlin and the many small events related to Pokémon Go.


Pokemon Go in July 2022

The Pokémon Go events for July 2022 are clearly listed

Numerous events will take place in the coming weeks. So that you always have an overview, here is our table for you.



Player versus Player Hyperliga & Kanto Cup

Up to 06.07.

Live event Pokémon Go Fest Berlin

01.07 until 03.07.

· Fiver Raids with Arctos also as Shiny

· Megaraids with Mega Charizard X also as Shiny


01.07 until 07.07.

Research breakthrough with Shuffle also as Shiny

01.07 until 01.08.

Double Catch XP in Spotlight Hour with Ledyba also as Shiny


raid hour with Arctos also as Shiny


Pokemon Go Anniversary Event

06.07 until 12.07.

Player vs Player

· Super League

· Hyper League

· Master League

06.07 until 13.07.

· Fiverraids with Zapdos also as Shiny

· Megaraids with Mega Charizard Y also as Shiny

07.07 until 14.07.

Player vs. Player Pokémon Go Battle Weekend

09.07 and 10.07.

Double Catch Candy at Spotlight Hour with Machollo also as Shiny


Raid hour with Zapdos also as Shiny


Player vs Player

· Super League

· Flight Cup

13.07 until 20.07.

· Fiverraids with washed also as Shiny

· Mega Raids with Mega Pigeon boss also as Shiny

14.07 until 22.07.

Pokémon Go Community Day with Staralili also as Shiny


Double the shipping bonus at the spotlight hour with star du also as Shiny


raid hour with washed also as Shiny


Player vs Player

· Hyper League

· Mini Cup Remix

20.07 until 27.07.

The Pokémon Go Fest live event in Seattle

22.07 until 24.07.

· Fiverraids with Dialga also as Shiny

· Megaraids with Mega gengar also as Shiny

22.07 until 31.07.

Double Development XP in Spotlight with Meditie also as Shiny


raid hour with Dialga also as Shiny


A surprise event with new Pokémon

27.07 until 02.08.

Player vs Player

· Master League

· A previously unknown cup

27.07 until 03.08.


Pokemon Go - What you can especially look forward to

The month of July is of course particularly full of great events. Which of them do we particularly recommend?

For live events and themed events, be sure to check out the Pokémon Go Fest and Anniversary Event. The Pokémon Go Fest has been announced for a long time and I'm sure you're all looking forward to it. Not many details are known about the anniversary event, but experience has shown that it is extremely worthwhile to take part. The past anniversary events have brought you fun, excitement and great bonuses. The surprise event is not called that for nothing. Just let yourself be surprised and look forward to the event at the end of the month.

For the raids and spotlight hours, we recommend the raids with Lavados and Zapdos. You can also prepare and look forward to Dialga. The spotlight hours with Meditie and Machollo bring you great combat candidates in the respective advancements. If you're looking for a particularly large amount of stardust, don't miss the spotlight with Sterndu.

We wish you a lot of fun in July with the great events of Pokémon Go.