Pokemon action figures that inspire

Pokemon, now inspire generations. A fact that the publisher Nintendo could not have imagined in the wildest dreams.

At least since Pokemon Go, the imaginative creatures from Japan have been on everyone's lips again and so one or the other has also become infected with the Pokemon virus who previously couldn't do anything with it.

Pokemon action figures, the must have for the real fan

Pokemon characters are not necessarily just for children and teenagers. Film fans and collectors, for example, have long since discovered this field for themselves and decorate the four walls at home with action figures of their preferred characters. It is hardly surprising that there are now Pokemon figures and they are enjoying steadily growing popularity.

Pokemon characters of the first generation of games are particularly popular

Buy Charizard collectible figureWhether for playing, decorating or collecting. Most popular with the action figures are the Pokemon, which have existed since the first generation of games.

Charizard action figure Pokemon collectible figure for saleUndoubtedly one of the most popular Pokemon characters Charizard. He belongs to the fire and flight types and is a particularly good arena fighter. Its popularity is certainly due not least to the fact that Charizard was given a very prominent role in the anime series.

And so you can be sure that in many children's rooms or collectors' showcases at least one Pokemon Charizard figure can be found.

Buy Pikachu figure setAnd when we write about Pokemon here, then one Pokemon must not be missing under any circumstances, namely Pikachu. The outstanding thing about this character is probably the fact that even people who have never dealt with the topic of Pokemon, still know Pikachu. Which is not a matter of course, but the little yellow, knobbly character is simply a real eye-catcher. If you delve a little deeper into the matter, it quickly becomes clear that, unlike all other Pokemon, Pikachu can never be found in a Pokeball, but at Ash's side at all times. If you go into the typing, then it should be noted that this character is a Pokemon of the type "Electro". This gives it an enormous advantage, especially over water Pokémon. If you want more than just one Pikachu, ours Pikachu figures set very well served. 

Pikachu cosplay figuresKnowing this background information is of course not essential for getting a Pikachu figure on the shelf or in the children's room. Because there are certainly many fans of this friendly-looking fellow who basically doesn't really care what type he belongs to and what advantages he brings with him. By the way, Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon at all and so it is perfectly logical that Pikachu as an action figure also comes in a different "garb". So there is Pikachu, for example, also in a Captain America or Hulk costume.