Pokémon GO: The dates for the next 3 Community Days are known

The Pokémon Community Days have been in Pokémon GO since 2018. The dates for the Community Days in November and December 2021 are now also known. We'll tell you when the next Pokémon Community Days will take place and which Pokémon will be the focus of the Community Days in November and December.

What are the Pokémon Community Days?

If you are new to the Pokémon Community Days in Pokémon GO, here is a brief explanation. The Community Days have existed since January 2018 and have taken place once a month since then. During Community Days, special bonuses can be won within a certain time window and the rate of encountering a certain Pokémon is increased.

In exceptional cases, Pokémon Community Days in Pokémon GO also take place over several days. Each Community Day is characterized by the fact that a very specific Pokémon can be encountered at a higher rate. Furthermore, the likelihood of encountering this colorful Pokémon is also significantly increased. The corresponding Pokémon can also have a specific event attack or a further development.

Special features of the Pokémon Community Days

In the course of the past Pokémon Community Days, individual Community Days deviated from the actual pattern and there were various special features. For example, three weeks before the Community Days in February 2020, the players were able to use field research tasks to determine which Pokémon would be in focus in February 2020. In May 2020, the community was able to vote on the Pokémon in June and July. Voting took place here on Twitter. The Community Day in March 2020 was postponed by one month due to Corona.

The Pokémon Community Days in November 2021

Pokémon Community Day in November takes place on November 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. The Community Day Pokémon in November is the Sheinux. This was confirmed by Niantic on October 22nd. If you own a Luxio and develop it further, then your Luxio learns the psychobite attack.

The first clues about the Pokémon in November came from the developer diary of Michael Steranka, the director of product marketing at Niantic. This is where the Pokémon became "X" called, the region of origin Sinnoh and that it is an electric Pokémon. The community quickly suspected Sheinux.

The Pokémon Community Days in December 2021

In December there is not just one Pokémon Community Day, but two in a row. The December Community Days will take place on December 18th and 19th. Unfortunately, there is still no information about the Pokémon, which will be the focus in December. From the events

In December of the last two years, however, we know that there will be a high probability of a best-of again, in which several Pokémon could again be the focus.

In December 2020, all previous Community Day Pokémon were in focus, in December 2019 there was also a kind of best-of with many attractive bonuses. So it stands to reason that December 2021 will look very similar. Niantic will certainly provide more information on this in the next few weeks.