Starter Pokemon in Legends: Arceus

In January 2022, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company finally came up with the new game for the Nintendo Switch: Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Game developer Game Freak takes gamers to the Sinnoh region when it was still called "Hisui" and the Pokémon were still wild and free. As a player, you will encounter well-known Pokémon as well as new, exciting characters, of which, despite some leaks, not too much is known before the release.

As in every Pokémon adventure, it is important to decide on a starter Pokémon at the beginning. There are three monsters to choose from, each belonging to different types. But what is the best starter Pokémon?

There are three Pokemon to choose from

As a trainer in Pokémon Legends: Arceus you can choose one of three already known Pokémon. Bauz, Fiery hedgehog and Ottaro originally do not come from the Sinnoh region, but were brought back by Professor Laven from his travels. In the new game, however, the Pokémons receive a regional form in their development stages for the first time. So it remains exciting.

Even well-known Pokémon can gain very special abilities in Legends: Arceus and surprise their trainers with them. However, the three starter Pokémon initially have the same values ​​as in the original editions. Of course, the development stages also contribute to the final decision for a specific starter Pokémon. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the three.



Bauz is a Grass and Flying-type Pokémon originally from Alola and known from Sun and Moon. Bauz has the highest HP and the best defense of the three. Since Bauz has two types, Grass and Flying, it can be used against more Pokémon than the other two. In return, it has little special attack and initiative in comparison.


The evolution stages of the Pokémon are Arboretos, and as a special level in Hisui, Silvarro. Here it has good averages in all categories, but has the strongest attack of the three. However, the types change in the final stage, and Silvarro has Plant and Combat here. Fighting-type Pokémon are very popular, and rightly so, because they are very strong.


Fiery hedgehog

Igneous Gel is a Fire Pokémon from Johto that has an extremely low HP, but its evolutions increase significantly with all stats. However, Fierygel can score with good values ​​in the categories special attack and initiative.

Fiery hedgehog

Its stages of development are Igelavar and Tornupto, and in the latter, i.e. the Hisui level, it also gets the ghost type in addition to the fire type. This one is very popular, and increases his overall values ​​enormously. Extremely high stats in both Special Attack and Defense make it an interesting starter Pokémon.



Ottaro is Water-type, and hails from Unova. It sits in the stable midfield throughout, but in its starting form has the highest Special Attack stat of the three.


The stages of development are Zwottronin and Admurai. In the latter, i.e. its final stage, it still has very stable values, is therefore in the middle field, and is considered very balanced. For the water type, it gets the dark type. In order to determine the values ​​exactly, it depends on which attacks it can learn. Overall, the balanced Dark-type Pokémon is one of the more popular Pokémon.



In the end, Bauz stands out as a favorite because it already starts with two types and still has enormous advantages. Also in the final stage of development, the Fighting type is very beneficial, making Bauz a very good choice. But, depending on the opponent, Fierygel and Ottaro also have their advantages, and with the Ghost or Dark types in their development levels, they don't have any bad properties either. The coaches are literally spoiled for choice.